The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown

Book: The Lessons

Series: Off-limits #1

Author: Elizabeth Brown

Review by: Onnica


Basic story:  Natalie Reese’s carefully-planned life has gone slightly askew. It was simple: she should have been married to boyfriend #2 right now, expecting their first child, but somewhere after boyfriend #1 being gay, then looking after her mother for three years, romance took a back seat. What’s more, her virginity is very much intact.

Feeling like a 30-year-old freak,  Natalie resolves to start over in San Francisco and get some help for her problem. Because obviously it’s a problem right? Men have been running for the hills once they find out her status. So the idea forms to enlist the help of a sexual surrogate. Bye bye virginity.

The moment Ryan Andrews lays eyes on Natalie, he knows the situation will be anything but ordinary. He’s immediately drawn to her and that’s certainly not an appropriate  reaction to a patient. He is determined to help her while keeping his feelings to himself. Of course, when his patient is learning about intimacy and sexual congress from him, the lines are sure to blur, aren’t they?

Why you should read it: Well, there’s the cover for a start. Hot! The meet cute between Ryan and Natalie really was enjoyable – and refreshing. It’s hard to be original in romantic fiction, but the whole premise for me worked well. The sexual chemistry between the pair was red-hot from the start. Natalie is complex and engaging – with a great demeanour and sense of humour. Ryan was quietly intense, with his own story that explained why he was the way he was. I loved the story, the dialogue and the unfolding of events.

What you may not like: I felt like there was a rush to finish the book – the last quarter seemed to zip by and there were some issues with tenses and grammar inconsistency. That aside, it was a truly enjoyable and amusing story with some sexy characters that I rooted for 100%.

Rating: 4/5 for a surprising and sexy story. Would definitely recommend it.

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