Blog Tour – Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne


I love a book tour. You get to read great books and shout about them from the rooftops! Today, we’re sharing Lauren Layne’s new Oxford Men series – a spinoff from the Stiletto series*, focusing on the gorgeous men who work for Oxford magazine, Stiletto’s male counterpart. Irresistibly Yours is out on October 6 and features the delectable Cole Sharpe and a newcomer, Penelope Pope. Here’s what we thought…

(* I reviewed all four books last year – they’re in the archive)

laurenlayneBook: Irresistibly Yours

Series: Oxford Men #1

Author: Lauren Layne

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Cole Sharpe is a high-flying sports editor who, after years freelancing, is finally ready to become a staff member at Oxford magazine. He has his reasons for needing the job and has been assured he’s a shoe-in. It soon becomes clear however, that he isn’t the only contender, and his competition is the perky, diminutive and tomboyish woman he was eyeing up at a recent ball game. Cole finds her fascinating. And she’s not his usual type. At all.

Penelope Pope (isn’t alliteration great?) eats, sleeps and breathes sports. She moved to New York from Chicago for a fresh start and is desperate to land the job at Oxford. She’s not bothered about being one of the few females on staff, she’s used to a predominantly male environment. She’s always been one of the guys and is comfortable remaining in the friend zone. When she gets to know Cole, she sees no reason why this would be different. The Cole Sharpes of the world do not go for awkward, skinny women, not when there are glamazons at every turn. He’s easy on the eye and could just be her first friend in the Big Apple. So what if his sexy smiles warm her on the inside and his presence gives her goose bumps. He’s way out of her league.

Soon the pair are spending almost every moment together and the idea of friends with benefits may not be so far-fetched after all…

Why you should read it: I love Lauren Layne! If you have read the Stiletto series (which focuses on the women who work at Stiletto magazine, Oxford magazine’s sister publication) then you will definitely want to read this. Cole was a peripheral character in the series, so it’s great to see his character in greater depth. I liked Penelope, low self-esteem notwithstanding. She was fun, guileless and strong and she wasn’t the run of the mill heroine.

What you might hate: As I mentioned, Penelope lacks a bit of confidence and this could have grated a bit, but she didn’t feel sorry for herself, nor did she let herself be treated badly. Overall, there isn’t a lot to dislike. The budding relationship is hot as all get out and seeing these two fall in love will warm your heart (and possibly other places).

Rating: 4/5 for another fun and welcome return to these characters.

Irresistibly Yours is out 6 October.

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