Crosstown Crush by Cara McKenna

crosstowncrushBook: Crosstown Crush

Series: Sins in the City #1

Author: Cara McKenna

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Samira and her husband Mike have been married for five years and love each other deeply. They’ve had their fair share of challenges, chief among them being Mike’s special kink. He’s an alpha in most aspects of his life, but in the bedroom nothing turns his crank more than the idea of Sam cheating on him and telling him all about it.

It took Sam a while to get her head around Mike’s particular tastes, but seeing how much it affects him can’t help but bring her pleasure too. Sam feels it may be time to move things to the next level and involve a stranger in their games. If Mike’s fantasies of feeling inferior and cuckolded are to be followed through, she’ll need to find a man who can play it cocky and play it mean. With so much at stake, Sam needs to find the perfect male who’ll play but won’t jeopardise what she has with Mike. Can things stay simple and clear cut when dealing with such intimacy?

Why you should read it: I was excited to read this, because hello, it’s Cara McKenna! A very talented writer who is always original. I love the premise of the story – a married couple who weren’t that young, not looking to spice things up, but actually deal with their heart’s desires. It sounded  really interesting. I liked Samira – she’s a good wife who comes to the realisation that she deserves to get something out the arrangement too. The way the relationship between Sam, Mike and Bern built was believable and well executed.

What you might hate: Ok. The story is about kink and role playing, so expect a lot of sex. I mean a crap ton of sex. It’s EVERYWHERE! Usually, I’m cool with that, but I’ll admit that it did get a little repetitive at times. It wasn’t that it was badly written or that the author was relying on sex to fill in missing plotlines (as is sometimes the case with other books) – it was just a little too much. Sometimes, less is more I guess.

Rating:  3/5 for an interesting, sexy and intriguing story. I admit that I googled the whole cuckolding fantasy and blimey! I wasn’t in Kansas anymore!

Crosstown Crush is out now.

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