Heart-shaped Hack by Tracey Garvis Graves

imageBook: Heart-shaped Hack

Series: A Kate and Ian novel (#1)

Author: Tracey Garvis Graves

Review by: Onnica

Blurb: When Kate Watts abandoned her law career to open a food pantry in Northeast Minneapolis, she never dreamed it would be this difficult. Facing the heartbreaking prospect of turning hungry people away, she is grateful for the anonymous donations that begin appearing at the end of each month. Determined to identify and thank her secret benefactor, she launches a plan and catches Ian – a charismatic hacker with a Robin Hood complex – in the act.

Ian intrigues Kate in a way no man ever has. But after learning he’s snooped around on her personal computer, she demands retribution. Impressed with her tolerance and captivated by her spirit, he complies and begins to slowly charm his way past her defenses. Time spent with Ian is never boring, and Kate soon finds herself falling for the mysterious hacker.

But Ian has enemies and they’re growing restless. In the hacking world, exploiting a target’s weakness is paramount, and no price is too high to stop an attack. And when Kate learns exactly how much Ian has paid, she’ll discover just how strong her love is for the man who has hacked his way into her heart.

Why you should read it: TGG is a very capable and creative author. If you read On The Island, you’ll know what I mean. Heart-shaped Hack was completely different to Graves’s previous books. It’s heavy on the humour, the slow build of sexual chemistry between Ian and Kate is enjoyable and the story in general is quite gentle. I genuinely liked the characters. Ian is a pushy, arrogant and cocky character, with the intelligence to back it up. Kate is level-headed, fun and totally down to earth. Nothing to dislike about either of them.

What you might hate: the pace was gentle but not boring. However, throughout the book, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. I waited, then I waited some more. It wasn’t until the final third of the book that things outside of their relationship actually happened. If you enjoy a story that really focuses on a relationship rather than outside complications, then I don’t think this will be a problem for you. I guess I was just expecting…more.

Rating: 3/5 for a pleasant read. It didn’t rock my world, but it made a change from books with sooo much drama, you can’t breathe! Look out for the sequel, White-hot Hack – release date tbc.

Heart-shaped Hack is out now.

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