Hellkat by Robyn Roze

hellkatBook: Hellkat

Author: Robyn Roze

Format: Kindle arc

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Kat James is a driven woman who has been disappointed by men on numerous occasions. So instead of empty, casual relationships, she  is focused on the business she founded with her best friend Cassie. This doesn’t mean she’s averse to flirting and looking however.

The night she meets Tucker Williams at a bar, she’s convinced the cocky, over-confident cowboy is so not her type. Despite telling him to exit on the horse he rode in on, Tucker isn’t easily put off. Despite her misgivings, she is aware of the chemistry between them and he has the infuriating knack of making her laugh despite herself. After giving in to one night of unbridled passion, she’s relieved she won’t have to see him again. Life can continue as normal…

Tucker is convinced Kat James is the woman he wants. He’s experienced many disappointments and hardships in life before, so he recognises a good thing when he sees it. He’s determined to get under her skin and make her see that they’re not so different after all…

Why you should read it: I read this book with no expectations at all. I thought I know how it would be. Man meets woman in a bar, they pretend they hate each other, get together, then break up, then finally reconcile. Not so! Ok, the initial meet-cute was fairly standard, but what followed was a family drama, romantic adventure that had me rooting for the two main characters. Tucker was charming, a good egg and totally transparent. There was no hidden agenda, and he was an adult in all situations. Kat was great. Although completely new to serious relationships, she had enough sense to try to be better and a grown up. She always stood her ground and the way she dealt with her family from hell had me cheering!

What you might hate: The first couple of chapters were a little choppy and the dialogue took a while to find its rhythm – stick with it though, because there’s a good story with laughs, aww moments and oh my God moments too!

Rating: 3/5 – I loved Tucker and Kat. They’re a more mature couple than you normally read about and it made a refreshing change. Glad I stuck with it, because it was worth the ride.

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