30 Days by Christine d’Abo

 Book: 30 Days

Author: Christine d’Abo

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Alyssa Barrow is a young widow and is slowly rebuilding her life. When she decides to try ‘moving on’ as her family suggests, she realises it’s time to read the letter her late husband Rob, left for her.

In it, he expresses regret that she didn’t get to play the field a bit more before meeting him. His plan is to set her daily tasks for a month to help her escape her comfort zone.

The first couple of tasks she can do alone, but when her new neighbour Harrison overhears her Day One task, (and the fact that he’s devastatingly handsome) she resolves that he may be able to help her with the rest of the experiment. The rules are clear – neither is looking for a relationship. After 30 days, the liaison will be over and Alyssa will rejoin the land of the living.

Why you should read it: I was blown away by this story! Truly! I saw others compare it to PS I Love You and while I can see why, I think it’s a wee bit unfair as it differs greatly. It was entertaining as hell – Alyssa gets into some very amusing scrapes, while the subject of loss and mourning was dealt with  sensitively. The peripheral characters are great too – very mischievous and well-drawn. They felt so real. There was also an absence of schmaltz, which I was grateful for. The tasks between Alyssa and Harrison were so hot, I can’t begin to explain. You’ll simply have to read it for yourself! You won’t regret it.

What you might hate: I have no idea – I tucked into this story while on holiday and it really hit the spot. Nothing to hate on here. There will even be a sequel called 30 Nights, featuring a different character.

Rating: Easy peasy – 5/5 for a practically perfect read. It was humorous, touching and hot, hot, hot!

30 Days is out now.

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