Playing With Fire by Lexi Ryan

playing with fire coverBook: Playing With Fire

Series: Mended Hearts (A Love Unbound Series)

Author: Lexi Ryan

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Phoenix Reid is settled in New Hope, a sleepy town that brings her a peace she’s never known before. She has friends she can count on for the first time in her life and is a successful doctor at the local hospital.

When Max Hallowell finally plucks up the courage to ask her out on a date, he gets more than he hoped for. Nix allows herself one night of uninhibited passion with Max – their mutual attraction is off the charts. Max feels like Nix may actually be the woman he’s been waiting for after the heartache he’s suffered for love in the past.

However, things are never that simple. Nix isn’t exactly running from her past, but when a series of strange occurrences start disturbing her new life, Nix is convinced that her past, namely Patrick McCane, is watching her and seeking what? Revenge? Nobody knows where she came from or what she’s been through – and that’s how things will stay. But if Nix’s life is really in danger, how will she seek help without turning those she loves away from her?

Why you should read it: I was gripped by this story – it had it all: sexual tension, delayed gratification, a thrilling subplot that delves into Nix’s past – I honestly didn’t predict what was going to happen at the end, which is always a good thing. Nix was a great heroine – brave, wanting to keep those she loved safe at all costs. If you’ve read Lexi Ryan’s New Hope series, then you’ll know all about Max. Poor Max – a great guy who is complete unlucky in love. The relationship between he and Nix is bittersweet and I felt for him when she wouldn’t confide in him. 

What you might hate: I really enjoyed this story so there wasn’t much to hate. However, you may find Nix’s stubbornness a little annoying at times, or the way she tries to keep Max at bay constantly. But hey, at least there’s a good reason for this. The book took a pretty dark turn at one point, and you might find it a little too thrillery (if that’s a word?) – I actually liked the storyline, as it was a bit different from the usual tropes.

Rating: 4/5 for an entertaining and original plot, likeable characters and it was great to reconnect with other characters from the New Hope series.

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