Cross My Heart by A.M. Hartnett

cross My Heart book coverBook: Cross My Heart

Author: AM Hartnett

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Evie Potter and Ryan Kline have been neighbours for months and a couple for 3. They spend every moment they can together and are sure that what they have is leading somewhere important. Evie would do anything for Ryan and since he told he about his sexuality she’s determined to get him what he wants.

Ryan worried that telling Evie he was bisexual would send her running in the opposite direction. She’s the woman of his dreams and the most important thing to him. He wants to introduce a man into their bedroom, but he doesn’t want Evie getting hurt. Ever.

After a disastrous first try at a ménage, Ryan is ready to give up – until Seth, their friend and landlord steps in. He’s not looking for ties since his wife’s death and doesn’t want to get between the happy couple, so things should go smoothly…right?

Why you should read this: I really liked these characters – I felt as though they knew each other as well as they were supposed to and the dialogue read well – sometimes book dialogue can be stilted and not real at all. This wasn’t the case here. Evie was a strong and likeable heroine who was her own person. Ryan was sweet enough but his insecurities created a lot of the complications in the story. For once the hero causes all the trouble! This was an interesting study into a new relationship.

What you might hate: I don’t think there was anything to hate as such. It seemed a bit odd that in such a new relationship (they’ve only been together 3 months) they wanted to add in another person to complicate their lives, but hey it made for an interesting read! It was a steamy, sexy read that made me smile more than once.

Rating: 3/5 for an interesting and grown up look at relationships. I’ll definitely be reading more from this author.

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