Night Moves by Jessica Hawkins

night moves cover

Book: Night Moves

Series: Night Fever #3

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Lola was left reeling when Beau finally admitted his true intentions to her. She was weak to have fallen for him but she resolves to make him pay. She may love him, (and she knows that underneath it all he loves her too) but she’s also determined get even with him for his manipulation.

Having left her boyfriend Johnny for good, she feels alone in the world and so needs to plan her revenge. The aim: to make Beau Olivier as weak and vulnerable as he made her. To achieve this she’ll have to fight her feelings and return to him, making him believe she’s ready to let bygones be bygones. Once she has him where she wants him, he’ll wish he’d never met Lola Winters.

Beau Olivier’s plan was a success. Making Lola fall for him, essentially buying her affection worked out better than he could have hoped. It worked so well that he didn’t realise he’d become as dependent on her as she on him. Reluctant to admit that her departure has affected him, he carries on as usual. When she returns to him however, he’s desperate for them to try again. This time on a more honest footing…

Why you should read this: if you’ve been following the Night Fever series, then you know it’s been quite long a wait for book three, but it was definitely worth it. The story was woven exceptionally well between past and present and it felt like an exercise in delayed gratification. Everything was so restrained and the chemistry between Lola and Beau was palpable. Beau’s desperation to have Lola is described vividly and the whole book felt like foreplay.

Lola is really coming into her own – she’s tired of being taken for granted by the men in her life and finally decides enough is enough. I liked how she avoided becoming a victim and went on the offensive instead. Beau is still an enigma – his obsession with status and owning Lola are all-consuming but there is hope for him yet. But will Lola’s revenge derail his progress?

What you might hate: the fact that you have to wait for book four? Fear not – it’s out on June 5 and we’ll get some closure at long last! I disliked Beau’s obsessive side at times – his priorities and sense of entitlement are all over the place, but I believe there’s hope for him. It will certainly be interesting when he catches up with Lola!

Rating: a resounding 4/5 for me – it was sexy, suspenseful and well-written. More please!

One thought on “Night Moves by Jessica Hawkins

  1. Thank you, Onnica! You hit a lot of points I was trying to weave into the story. As always, love your reviews and I appreciate you taking the time to read & share your thoughts. Sharing on my page this weekend! xoxo

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