London Calling by Nana Malone

London CallingBook: London Calling

Series: (Chase Brothers #2)

Author: Nana Malone

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Xander Chase, professional photographer and supposed womaniser, has one thing on his mind: revenge. Hell-bent on making his nemesis Alistair McMahon pay for his part in ruining his life, Xander is determined to destroy everything he ever held dear. Whether it’s sleeping with his wife to get information, or taking over the stocks of Alistair’s business, he’ll do it. He’s convinced that once he pulls off this coup, he’ll finally be able to lay his past to rest.

Imani Brooks is about to become the toast of the West End. She’s secured a leading role in a play as an escort and after her attempt at a little research goes awry, she ends up meeting the dashing Xander. The attraction is instant but leads to mega-awkwardness for Imani. She can’t feel something this strong for a guy who enlists the services of escorts, can she? She flees after an amazing night, but little can prepare her for coming face-to-face with him at a publicity shoot for the play.

Xander is not letting Imani slip through his fingers. For years, he’s buried his pain in all kinds of vices and felt very little. Suddenly, she has opened him up to the possibility of more. With problems and secrets on both sides along the way, will the pair find a way to create a future?

Why you should read this: Did you read book one London Bound? It was hot and practically perfect in my opinion. In London Calling, the passion is there in spades. The banter is fun, the back stories were well-constructed and kept me reading. We know that Xander and his brother Lexi have had a really tough childhood, but it was good to read events from Xander’s point of view and see that there more to him than a womanising playboy. Imani was great too – proud, protective of herself and really likeable. I rooted for the pair of them. Also, Malone has managed to capture the Brit vernacular really well. The dialogue wasn’t stilted, she used wanker correctly! Which isn’t always the case in some books.

What you might hate: Hmmm – I can’t honestly think what you’d hate about this book. It’s a refreshing, diverse read that worked well for me. Who isn’t a fan of well-written, sexy reads?

Rating: 4/5 for a hot, heart-warming and charming conclusion to the series. I love, love loved it and would recommend Nana Malone to anyone!

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