Exposed by Tracy Wolff

Book: Exposed

Series: Ethan Frost #3

Author: Tracy Wolff

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Chloe and Ethan are finally reunited and determined to work on their complicated relationship problems, caused primarily by Ethan’s brother and mother. Ethan is determined to make Chloe his in every possible way and so they head to Las Vegas with Chloe’s best friend in tow to get married.

The media attention is intense but nothing the pair can’t face together. The only spectre overshadowing their happiness is Brandon – Ethan’s brother and Chloe’s tormentor. He’s unrepentant and has his sights set on Congress. A spoilt brat who’s used to mistreating others for his own gratification, Ethan feels he has to do something to prevent his brother gaining even more power.

His thirst for revenge sets in motion a chain of events no-one could have foreseen. By the end of it, will he and Chloe still be unbreakable? Or will Ethan’s unscrupulous family finally drive them apart for good?

Why you should read this: if you enjoyed books 1 and 2 (Ruined and Addicted) then you’ll probably want to read the conclusion (maybe? I hear there may be another book in the mix) to the series. There was a sort of resolution in the previous book, but Exposed goes into  more depth and you get some closure on the whole Brandon storyline. There’s plenty of action and plenty of sexy times to keep the reader hooked.

What you might hate: I always try to be honest, (otherwise what’s the point right?) and this review won’t be an exception. I found large parts of the book highly repetitive. The sex scenes went on and on and the dialogue didn’t change much. There are only so many times a character can utter ‘I love you’ before it completely loses meaning. I grew tired of Ethan worshipping Chloe’s every movement and personality trait – it was way over the top for my liking. The smell of her hair almost bringing him to her knees. Come on. They were also very co-dependent and it just annoyed me at times. The book’s strength for me lay in the plotting to overthrow Brandon and the fallout from that. It was also great to meet Ethan’s best friend Sebastian again. For his story, check out the Play Me series.

Rating: 3/5 not an easy decision, as the characters are good fun. I feel as though I’ve been through every step of the drama with them. There’s a crap ton of angst – so if you love lots of sex and lots of trauma, don’t hesitate!

Exposed is out now.

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