Yield by Sawyer Bennett

Book: Yield

Series: A Legal Affairs story #3 (Cal & Macy)

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Macy’s past is about to blow up in her face – all of her family secrets are threatening to become public and she’s struggling to keep her sanity. Desperate to protect Cal, she pushes him away again and again. Convinced that once he knows what happened in her family, he’ll regret having ever had anything to do with her.

Cal doesn’t understand why Macy is pushing him away but he’s determined to be there for her no matter what. He’s never felt this way for anyone and knows that it goes way beyond physical attraction. With Macy’s father and uncle indicted for fraud, the secrets are about to spill out and if Macy refuses to comply, she’ll be dragged down with them.

Macy must decide whether remaining scared of the past is how she wants to live out her life, or whether she can be brave enough to live life without secrets and with Cal. This will mean putting everything on the line and truly believing she deserves a happy ending…

Why you should read this: Have you been following the series? Then why would you not want to find out what happened next? Grind ended on one hell of a cliffhanger so I figure if you like Macy and Cal, you’ll hang in there for Yield. Macy is a really interesting character – she’s plucky, she maintains an optimistic outlook despite her hellish childhood and she’s likeable. (Which is not something I always demand in my heroines, but it’s welcome all the same.) Cal is a self-confessed knight in shining armour, but Macy wants to rescue him right back! I really enjoying the growing trust and love from these two characters. It felt authentic and I was rooting for them.

What you might hate:  The story was pretty dark at times and you may feel that Macy’s family were unreal in their characterisation. I’m sure there are many families like this, which made it all the more a poignant read. Other than this, there’s not a lot to hate. Macy does distance herself from Cal, but it’s for a very good reason, so I can’t fault her for that.

Rating: 4/5 for a truly satisfying conclusion to the series. Macy and Cal came a very long way from ClashTheir ending made me feel all warm inside.

Yield is out 5th May.

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