Clash: A Legal Affairs story (Cal and Macy)


Book: Clash

Series: Legal Affairs (#1 of Cal and Macy’s story)

Author: Sawyer Bennett

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Cal Carson and Macy Carrington loathe each other. Like, really hate each other. They would stay away from each other if they didn’t share the same best friends. Constantly thrown together, this pair give Beatrice and Benedick a run for their money. Verbal sparring frequently turns nights out with their friends, Mac and Matt, into a battlefield.

Cal thinks that Macy is haughty, entitled, out of touch with reality and a complete slut. Macy hates Cal’s holier-than-thou attitude and could live without his judgment. Her reasons for sleeping with strangers are her own and she won’t be judged by the likes of him.

When told by Matt to just sleep together and get it out of their systems, it seems like a ridiculous idea. Isn’t it? Macy hates Cal’s attitude, but there’s nothing wrong with the package. Cal may hate Macy’s over-privileged background, but that body is another matter. Maybe one time won’t hurt that much…

Why you should read it: I’m a huge fan of Sawyer Bennett – her Legal Affairs story featuring Mac and Matt was so hot, funny and smart, that I just had to read Cal and Macy’s story. This a novella-length story, giving an introduction to these two complicated characters. It’s told mostly from Cal’s point of view and features some journal entries from Macy. Macy is going to be a very interesting character – I want to know what baggage she’s carrying around with her. It’s certain to be a doozy of a tale.

What you might hate: The story starts with a bang – sex is pretty much the only way these two communicate. They’re crude and unapologetic for the way they speak to each other. If you’re easily offended, maybe this one isn’t for you. I found it pretty entertaining – it was a quick, sexy intro to the series and I’m looking forward to reading Grind and Yield in the near-future.

Rating: 3/5 for an interesting start to the series – I’m looking forward to more character development in the rest of the series.

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