Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse


Book: Stately Pleasures

Author: Lucy Felthouse

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Alice Brown is so close to fulfilling her dreams of success. She’s secured an interview at Davenport Manor for the role of a lifetime and she’s determined not to mess it up. The moment she sets eyes on Jeremy Davenport, she’s drawn to his presence. His dark features and his piercing blue eyes. Alas, men like that do not fall for plain Janes like her.

After Alice meets Jeremy’s head of security, Ethan Hayes, in a compromising situation, the pair decide to offer a very indecent proposal. If she doesn’t want to be fired for her supposed eavesdropping then she has to participate in a series of challenges the duo cook up for her. She should be disgusted; she should tell them where to go, but the truth is she’s worked too hard to get to where she is to jeopardise her future. And they are divine – maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible. As long as she can keep her feelings out of it, the nine months will pass quickly and she’ll have the references she needs. Simple.

Why you should read this: I really enjoyed this story – Alice is a likeable and focused heroine who is fun loving and realistic. She can’t believe two handsome and successful men would be interested in her, but this lack of self-esteem doesn’t dominate the storyline. Whether she thinks she’s worthy or not, she grabs the opportunity with both hands! Jeremy and Ethan will make you swoon: Jeremy’s dark hair and blue eyes, while Ethan is all brown, longish hair and green eyes. They both will raise your heart rate and make you wish you’d tried a threeway!

What you might hate: Although all ends well, there was a bit of coercion at the start of the story, which was a bit skeevy in my opinion. The poor girl thought she’d lose her job if she didn’t comply with their wishes. Although it was an elaborate set up, Alice wasn’t to know that, and the lack of choice unsettled me a bit. However, the two adonises do everything they can to make up for their behaviour, so they’re not all bad!

Rating: 3.5/5 for a very fun, very very sexy story. I genuinely liked the characters and enjoyed their interactions with each other. It should come with a warning – it is seriously hot!

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