Breaking Leila by Lucy V. Morgan

breaking leilaBook: Breaking Leila

Series: Knives and Flowers #1

Author: Lucy V. Morgan

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Leila Vaughan has a promising future and is set to become law firm Bach & Dagier’s newest lawyer. She’s the brightest and the best of all the interns and loves the ins and outs of tax law. However, this isn’t her only job. She also moonlights as a high-class call girl, servicing London’s rich and well-connected. Why, you ask? Her parents got themselves into dire financial trouble and she’ll do anything to get them out of it. What started as obligation, soon became a way of life and Leila’s other self, Charlotte, is awakened. Charlotte allows Leila to follow her unspoken desires, free of shame.

Leila does well to keep her double-life separate until her boss Joseph Merchant and colleague and friend Matt decide to hire her for a night they won’t forget. With the cat out the bag and an undeniable attraction to both Joseph and Matt, will Leila be able to cope when her two worlds collide?

Why you should read it: This is one hell of a ride. Leila is complex, likeable and searching for something beyond herself. Her relationship with Joseph is an evolving and interesting one. At first, I thought he was going to be a cruel, two-dimensional, sadistic alpha, but he did show different facets to his character. He’s unapologetically a dick, but he owns it and does what he will with no guilt. Leila really holds her own and doesn’t let others walk over her. She’s aware of her nature and can’t help but respond to Joseph’s similar interests.

What you might hate: the relationship spans a matter of weeks, which at times made it hard for me to accept the levels of intensity. Matt declares his love for Leila so early on, it’s ridiculous, but I suppose he’s loved her from afar for longer than that. At times, the flowery language in the book and the extended metaphors did grate a little. However, the dialogue more than made up for it. Here, Leila is talking to her friend and occasional colleague, Aidan:

“You won’t tell Matt about…” I gestured to my stomach and he stepped back.

“You think I want to spend the evening coaxing his head out of an oven?”

“I think you’d leave it there if his arse was poking in the right direction.” “I’m ashamed of my answer, so I’m going to ignore that.” He kissed my forehead. “I’ll catch you tomorrow.”

The dialogue was engaging, realistic and had me chuckling and cursing in equal measure.

Rating: on the whole I really enjoyed it – there were parts that aren’t for the faint of heart, parts that were downright weird and parts that chopped and changed abruptly. Nevertheless it’s a great read. I give it  4/5

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