Abuse by Nikki Sex

abuseBook: Abuse

Author: Nikki Sex

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Grant Wilkinson, having left active service a while ago, no longer has the frenzy of combat to keep his mind busy. Left to contemplate the things that happened to him as a child, Grant knows he needs help. André Chevalier, his counsellor sees through his façade and gently leads him to face the truth: he’s an alcoholic who needs to face up to his demons, stop hiding behind his facial scars, or he’ll eventually self-destruct.

In order to help Grant face his demons, André enlists the help of his ward Renata – someone whom he helped years before. Despite not speaking for most of her life, she has an extraordinary gift of helping others to overcome their fears of intimacy and cope with severe trauma. When the pair meet, it’s clear that they will be able to help each other. However, just when things seem to be falling into place, a case that should have remained dead and buried comes back to haunt Grant…

Why you should read this: Abuse is unlike anything Nikki has ever written before. This really is a book that has depth, substance and takes a serious look at abuse, without basking in the gory details (as some books seem to). It was very intelligent and it’s clear that the author has done her research here, because it wasn’t sensationalist at all and the therapy session scenes were done really well. The character of Grant is a complex one. He’s clearly struggling with his past, yet desperate to have a ‘normal’ life. I teared up quite a few times at this story actually. The sex in this particular book is fairly incidental, which is really unusual for a Nikki Sex book! I was glad of it, as it didn’t hold up the progress of the story.

What you might hate: I incorrectly assumed this book was a standalone, so when I got to the end and read the last line and was left with a doozy of a cliffhanger, I was a little peeved. I was so interested and invested in these characters and really wanted to read what came next. Also, I did get a little exasperated by the French typos. I’m reading a lot of authors lately who write French characters, but the French isn’t correct, which really does take away my enjoyment of the story – it really does pay to get a French speaker to check your sentences on forums or professionally – hell, I’ll do it!

Rating: 4/5 for a well-written and insightful tale. Two damaged souls who may or may not go the distance. A truly heartfelt story, that wasn’t salacious or over the top on the characters’ family histories. I would definitely say it’s worth a read.

Abuse is out now.

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