Don’t Deny Me series by Megan Hart

Megan Hart

Book: Don’t Deny Me

Series: The Don’t Deny Me series (parts 1-3)

Author: Megan Hart

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica

“The memories last longer than the time it took to make them.” – Alice to Mick.

Basic story: Alice Clark met Michael McManus one night many years ago at a mutual friends’ party. They flirted, they later loved and life was great. Until it wasn’t. Ten years after breaking up, Alice braces herself for seeing him again at another weekend party thrown by their friends. Over the years she has skilfully avoided social gatherings he’d be at, but sooner or later it had to happen and they would be in the same room again. Convinced that she’s over him, she prepares herself mentally, but can you ever really be prepared to see the man who split your heart wide open?

Mick wants to see Alice again desperately. Over the years, he knows he messed up and just wants another chance to make things right. He isn’t prepared for the intense feelings that flood him when he sees her again. But this time, he’s determined not to mess up his possible second chance…

Why you should read this: Usually I’m not a massive fan of second-chance romances, but that could be because a lot of them are totally over the top and overly sentimental. You don’t get over-sentimentality in Ms Hart’s writing. You get plenty of raw emotion and heartfelt angst, but it always feels honest and real. I really responded to Alice and Mick, as what drove them apart is what plagues nearly every relationship I know of! The lack of mutual understanding – the false assumptions and bad habits that drive the other person crazy. It’s all there! I loved how the books are punctuated with a combination of sent and unsent letters between Alice and Mick. It really showed the differences in how the pair think and it was so obvious to the outsider where they were going wrong.

What you might hate: You may feel that Alice at times was a little belligerent and acted like a petulant child, but in the same way, Mick was completely stunted and couldn’t tell the woman he loved that he loved her! At times I wanted to knock their heads together, while at other times I loved them a little bit more for their flaws.

Rating: 4/5 I loved the periphery characters as well as the main and the sense of history the group of friends had – it was so well-described, I felt part of it. A very enjoyable and off-the-charts sexy read.

Part One is out on 13th January.

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