Take It by DJ Stone and B.E. Raj

take it pt1Book: Take it (#1 & 2)

Author: DJ Stone and B.E. Raj

Series: Take It series

Review by: Onnica

Sometimes, you come across a book and don’t really have any expectations for it. At all. You just take it at face value and think – sounds interesting, I’ll give it a go. This is what happened for me with Take it Book One.

Basic story: Jenny Collins is young, attractive and very driven. Unappreciated in her male-dominated world of pharmaceuticals, she’s climbing the greasy pole of success, convinced that her hard work will be rewarded some day.

When she meets Harrison Burke, a very important client, she begins to question her self-imposed celibacy. Maybe all work and no play is making Jenny a very dull gal indeed. Only problem is that her company has a very clear policy on non-fraternization. She can’t afford to get tangled up with him. Can she?

Harrison is enigmatic, fun-loving and determined to get Jenny to live a little. He encourages her to demand respect at work and take what she wants from him, but will she have the courage to do it?

Why you should read it: The banter between Jenny and Harrison is fun, witty and sexy. Harrison is a right-on, playboy with feminist sensibilities. I loved the chemistry between these two. Jenny is a very likeable character, who is struggling to work hard, be respected and still be ‘likeable’ in the workplace. A situation many of us can probably identify with. There are plenty of sexy times which are off the charts hot. It’s a great introduction to the series.

Take it pt2What you might hate: Part two for me was a different kettle of fish. Jenny completely loses her way, her sense of self and her fire. I realize this must be a plot device to enable her to get her mojo back in part three, but it was painful and annoying to sit through. I want my heroines to kick ass! I’m going to stick with the series, because I know that there’s a good story here. Despite the creepy roommates, the overbearing mothers and sexist colleagues.

Rating: I’m giving the series 3/5 so far – only because book 2 did not hit the spot for me at all. I’m looking forward to the story’s conclusion as I’m sure Jenny will be taking names and showing the world she’s no pushover. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Harrison.

2 thoughts on “Take It by DJ Stone and B.E. Raj

  1. I bought this book on Kindle, “Take It Books 1 and 2.”. Was very disappointed that I was completely mislead. Only Book 1 was included, and of course could never find a Book 2 anywhere.

  2. It doesn’t look as though it’s on Amazon anymore – very curious… I don’t remember whether there was even a book 3…

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