Made For You by Lauren Layne

Made for YouBook: Made For You

Author: Lauren Layne

Series: The Best Mistake #2

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Brynn Dalton has it all it would seem. She’s attractive, refined and always does the right thing in the right situation. She also thrives on lists. She knows where she should be in life, but when her thirty-first birthday rolls around and her current situation doesn’t fit with her life plan, she’s about to meltdown. According to the list, she should have been married for a year and be about to start a family. With a boyfriend who’s perfect on paper, but can’t stir any emotion within her, Brynn is forced to re-evaluate her carefully planned life.

Will Thatcher left Seattle three years ago, after spending a hot if ill-advised night with Brynn. Unable to get her out of his system, even though she regrets their night together, he’s back for more. He’s determined to make the rigid and boring Brynn realise that he is the only man for her. If only he can get her to live a little and give him a chance…

Why you should read this: If you read book one, Only With You (and enjoyed it) you’ll really enjoy this story. For me, Brynn and Will are a more interesting and angsty couple than perhaps Sophie and Gray. Brynn is obsessed with keeping on track, living by the laws she’s made for herself. She’s uptight and prim, but she also has a heart and when you know why she is the way she is, you do sympathise with her. She’s so blind to the fact that Will is head-over-heels for her, which is pretty comical. Will is hot! Super-hot. He’s a fun character, with more than a little vulnerability under the surface. Great hero.

What you might hate: Ok, Brynn is pretty clueless, which you’ll either love or hate. She doesn’t think much of herself, therefore she can’t quite believe anyone would think much of her either. This may or may not rub you the wrong way, but I think Lauren Layne struck the right balance.

Rating: 4/5 for me. Parts made me actually quite sad, but the antics, the schemes and the drama that ensued really made me fall for this book and the characters in general.

Made For You is out October 28th.

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