In Your Corner by Sarah Castille

in your cornerBook: In Your Corner

Series: (Redemption, #2)

Author: Sarah Castille

Format: Kindle ARC

Review by: Onnica


 Basic story: Amanda’s life is heading downhill fast. She’s the unwanted object of affection of her boss at law firm Farnsworth & Tilman and he’s not prepared to back down to get what he wants. Despite working her ass off to make partner, he has a file as thick as the phone book on her extracurricular activities. The choice is simple: play nicely with him or face all her seedy secrets coming to light, and kissing the partnership goodbye. When she opts for the latter option and dealing with her parents’ disappointment (read rage) and unemployment, she’s ready to give up and stay under the covers. Indefinitely.

To make things worse, she runs into old flame Jake Donovan, former-MMA fighter, who doesn’t seem at all happy to see her. When he rescues her from a late-night attack, she remembers why she had to cut him loose the first time. He wants everything from her and Amanda’s convinced she won’t be enough. Having grown up without love and security, she’s unable to provide that for Jake.

Jake is having problems of his own. His father wants him to take over the business, when really all he wants to do is go back into fighting. He’s stunned to come face-to-face with Amanda, the woman who abruptly broke up with him two years earlier. He can’t deny his attraction to her, but he doesn’t want to end up hurt again.

When her friends and Jake finally intervene in Amanda’s pity party, she finally re-discovers her fighting spirit. She’s always done pro-bono work as part of her legal work and so she decides to go into business. Surrounded by people who care about her, will Amanda finally learn to ask for help?

Why you should read this: If you read and liked Against The Ropes, then you’ll really enjoy re-visiting some familiar characters and the environment of Redemption fighting club. This is Amanda and Jake’s story, who were minor characters in Book one. Jake is manly, an alpha and a lover – there’s not much to dislike about him. It’s a very sexy read, so hold on to your hats!

What you might hate: Amanda. Where to start? I didn’t hate her – she’s actually quite likeable, aside from her constant internal monologue and her ability to make really stupid decisions and not be very good at reading people. Despite being a hotshot lawyer – she’s incapable of seeing how much Jake wants to reconnect! I would advise you to read this book in a good mood, otherwise you may not have the patience to deal with Amanda. Remember that episode of Friends where Monica berates Rachel for flip-flopping between ‘I love Ross, I hate Ross!’ Believe me, this book is the epitome of that. So much drama! Having said all that, it did make me smile and I liked it more than I disliked it.

Rating: a generous 3/5 – for over-the-top alphas and strong but imperfect females.

 In Your Corner is out on 1st July

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