Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt

heatBook: Heat

Author: Jamie Schmidt

Series: Club Inferno #1

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Mallory Bryant is on the run from her drug-addicted fiancé David. To the outside world, they are the perfect couple and Mallory is having trouble admitting the truth to her mother and colleagues. Desperate not to be found, she heads to her sister Colleen’s home. They are polar opposites but Mallory knows that her sister will help.

Colleen has built an empire for herself and runs a respectable business called Couture. Beneath the facade, lies a hedonistic paradise, where the rich and well-connected play. Mallory is about to be introduced to a whole new world. She’s assigned a body guard and dom, named Max Spencer. Talk, dark, handsome and friendly, Max offers to show Mallory around and help confront her issues with David.

At first, Max intends only to show Mallory the way the club works – what it means to be a dom, but soon their mutual attraction intensifies and the lines between duty and lust begin to blur. When Mallory’s past comes back into her present, the pair face several challenges and Mallory will have to finally decide what she really wants.

Why you should read this: I’d never read anything by Jamie K. Schmidt before and she certainly knows how to create a rich world. I felt as though I’d been inside Club Inferno and knew it intimately – it was so vivid. Mallory, despite being on the run and unwilling to face up to her situation, was a likeable character – she had a sense of fun, despite being a wee bit judgmental! Her drunken banter with Max was one of my favourite scenes in the book, and seeing her grow closer to her estranged sister was also a delight.

What you might hate: I felt that the storyline between Mallory and her ex could have done with a bit more development – it wrapped up a bit too neatly and was also an afterthought. I was expecting an explosion, but it was more of a damp squib. Was the ending a bit rushed and sugary? For me, a little bit. The book started strongly, but dwindled a little towards the end. It was a bit disappointing but a satisfying conclusion all the same.

Rating: a solid 3/5 for a story dealing with facing your demons head on and having the courage to go on.

Heat is out today.

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