Sex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre

Sex, love RepeatBook: Sex Love Repeat

Author: Alessandra Torre

Format: Kindle edition

Review by: Onnica


Basic story: Madison Decater is in a relationship with two men. She loves them both and is not willing to give either one up. They both know about the other and for the most part, Madison is able to keep the two lives separate. She loves Paul, her boyfriend, as he would do anything for her and puts her first. And there’s Stewart her lover – his passion and intensity satisfy a need deep within her. He is married to his work and is unable to give her more and that’s fine as she has Paul to have fun with, shop with and build a life with.

Madison knows that this peculiar set up has a shelf life – it won’t be sustainable long-term as one will eventually demand she gives up the other one day. But little does she know that it’s a woman, watching all three of them who will be the catalyst to unravel everything.

Why you should read this: Can I just say, wow! I bought this book on sale and was thoroughly intrigued by the blurb and the premise. This is not a book about cheating, as all parties are aware of what is happening. It is very, very sexy and there’s a lot of sexy times, but it didn’t feel gratuitous – it’s a huge part of the story and goes a long way to explaining why Madison is the way she is. I loved every minute – read it in a day (stayed up way too late for a school night to finish it!) and was completely satisfied by the ending.

What you might hate: Objectively, (which is hard to be as I loved this book) you may have an objection to the subject matter, some of the angst and the drama that happens. The book is a fast, sexy read so there are no repetitive conversations of soul-searching – which I’m grateful for! All in all, not a great deal to hate on here.

Rating: I’m giving this book 4/5 – for a thoroughly engaging, sexy and touching book. I loved every drama-filled moment. I will definitely be reading more from Alessandra Torre.

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