Every Part of You: By Megan Hart

every part of you

Book: Every Part of You (parts 1-5)

Author: Megan Hart

Format: Kindle

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Simone Kahan is a voyeur. For some time now, she’s been checking out the handsome man in the office opposite hers and watching what he and his various female companions get up to after hours. She longs to take the place of one of those women. He seems to know exactly what she would need – if only she were his type. He seems to go for the same tall, blond model-like woman, whereas she is slight, brunette and anything but model-like.

One night they meet in the office elevator and suddenly things will never be the same again. After he initially dismisses Simone as not being worthy of a second look, Elliott Anderson is soon forced to re-evaluate his assessment. She is fun, flirty and bold and nothing like the automatons that Elliott usually prefers. She’s challenging and she could spell disaster for that part of him he insists on keeping locked up. The path to true love never did run smooth and this story will be no exception.

Why you should read it: You follow this blog – you know I’m crazy about Megan Hart. She always gives flawed characters an extra depth of feeling, loss and heartbreak that they need to work through. This story is about opposites. And what you do when you find the right one, but the one doesn’t seem to get it or be on board. I liked Simone’s spunky nature, her willingness to put her heart on the line and take a risk. However, she’s no-one’s fool and when enough is enough, she doesn’t stick around. I have the benefit of having read the whole story at once. So trust me on this – stick with it.

What you might hate: I personally hate serialised books – only because I dislike waiting around for the next episode. If you’re like me, then you may want to wait for all five books to be published so that you can devour them in one sitting. In terms of the story, I didn’t find much to hate – if you don’t get or sympathise with the sado-masochistic world, then you may struggle with Simone’s need for pleasure/pain, but I doubt it.

Rating: I’m giving this series 4/5 as I enjoyed Simone and Elliott’s journey, their ups and downs and their HEA. The pair weren’t perfect – in many ways they balanced each other out and challenged each other. Highly recommend it.

Every Part of You books 1, 2 and 3 are out now. The remaining books will be released in March and April.

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