The Beauty Series by Skye Warren

The Beauty SeriesBook: The Beauty series (A compilation of Beauty Touched the Beast, Beneath the Beauty, Broken Beauty and Beauty Becomes You)

Author: Skye Warren

Format: Kindle

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Erin has been cleaning houses for a while in order to help pay for college. She’s come to enjoy the two days a week she spends in conversation with the highly intelligent and also badly-scarred academic, Blake Morris. She comes to rely on their interactions and one day, as she ventures upstairs to find him, she isn’t prepared for what she sees…There on the bed, enjoying a private moment lies Mr. Morris. He doesn’t see her approach the door, but Erin hears clearly whom he is fantasising about.

Startled by Erin’s appearance at the doorway, Blake is panicked and afraid that Erin will run away and never come back. He’s come to rely on her presence in his life and she doesn’t seem to mind his disfigured face.

The pair realise they both harbour feelings for each other. Blake is determined to make her see past his scars, not realising that Erin sees them but loves them anyway. The two embark on a tempestuous and passionate affair which faces challenges along the way.

Why you should read this: I picked up Book One as I like Skye Warren and thought it would be a short, sexy read – the following books however are much more. It’s a smart read and the strong sex scenes are nicely spread out with an actual storyline. This series was a nice surprise for me. I was expecting quick smut but got a series where I cared about the characters and their back stories. There was no drama for drama’s sake.

What you might hate: Not much to hate on here – good heroine: check. Hot and sexy (yet damaged) hero: check. Enough of a story beyond the bedroom to make it worthwhile: check.

Rating: For book one, I’d say a three as it is a short story, but for the subsequent books, 4/5. I love surprises and this was one for a cold wintry weekend.

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