Live by Mary Ann Rivers


Book: Live

Author: Mary Ann Rivers

Series: The Burnside Series #1

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Destiny Burnside is usually chipper, undaunted by life’s obstacles and always offering support to her family and friends. Each day, she gets up and heads to the town library to begin her job search and do all she can to secure a new role. She’s had to sell her car and laptop in order to make rent and is finding life pretty tough. Her only respite from going through the daily motions is gazing secretly at the handsome carver who is working on a project at the library. Who is he? And what would she do if he ever looked her way?

Hefin Thomas is a long way from home. Having left his Welsh homeland in order to marry his holiday fling, he’s struggling in Lakeland, Ohio. He’s lost his identity and one failed marriage later, his faith in ever finding himself is hanging by a thread. He decides he has to get back on track – leave Ohio, get back home and get his dreams and his life back on track. When he notices Destiny’s meltdown after yet another rejection letter he has two choices: walk away and pretend not to notice, or go to her.

They agree to see each other until he goes back to Wales, knowing that goodbyes will be painful, but neither heed the warnings. Hefin is drawn more and more to Destiny and her world and is no longer sure the act of saying goodbye will be possible at all…

Why you should read this: If you’re a fan of Mary Ann Rivers’ writing, then you should take a look. It’s pure poetry – the way she can describe a simple act like a smile is beautiful. She is so talented at painting a vivid picture of the landscape and the characters’ state of mind. This is an introduction to the Burnside family and Des is a great heroine. She’s neither a martyr, a doormat nor a bitch – she’s great and the way she opens her heart to those she loves is so touching. Hefin – I don’t think I’ve read too many stories with a Welsh sex god as the hero! He’s lovely, a decent human being who just wants to live and find a life for himself and find someone to love. He’s adorable.

What you might hate: It took me a while to get into the rhythm of the book, I’ll be honest. The poetry of each gesture I mentioned earlier sometimes held up the action and the book’s progress for me. This series is going to be a family saga I think, and book one definitely lays the foundations for a heart-wrenching series that will follow. Des’s family is in crisis and for the first half of the book I was wondering how it would end. There are dark times for the Burnside clan and sometimes it was a little depressing. Or maybe I’m just a wuss who’s used to froth, but I don’t think so.

Rating: For the book’s beauty, the loveliness of the main characters and the hopeful second half of the book, I’m giving this book 3/5. The author clearly went to great pains researching all things Welsh and I admire that a great deal. Read when you’re in a good mood, rather than feeling down or the first half could be tough!

Live is out now.

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