Our Top Five Reads of 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Just looking back at all of the books we read in 2013 and I can’t believe how much we got through. The good, the bad and the downright ridiculous – it was all there. As it’s new year, we couldn’t let 2013 pass without a nod to some of the best books to cross our paths.

LickAt No.5, is Lick by Kylie Scott – how I loved this fun, sexy romp – Evelyn and David’s chemistry was HAWT! I loved the absence of angst in this book. No high drama, no broken people. Excellent. Read the full review here.

tear you apartAt no.4, is Tear You Apart by Megan Hart. One of my favourite authors, Ms Hart always puts your heart through the ringer. This book is no exception. A bitter-sweet story about two people too frightened to reach for their own happiness, it blew me away. The writing and the pathos make for a very powerful story. The review can be read here.

Dark LightAt no.3, is a paranormal – something we don’t feature a lot of on Romantic Fiction: Dark Light by S.L Jennings really appealed to me as the story was so original and is also a debut novel. Not bad for a first try eh? The battle between good and evil is not clear cut and the very dark, very sexy Dorian Skotos will have you unsure of whom to root for. We reviewed and loved this book in February and the review is here.

Run-to-YouAt no.2, is a racy little book called Run to You by Charlotte Stein. This is how all would-be erotica reads should be – full of smutty goodness, while retaining a strong story running through it. Janos Kovacs is probably my favourite hero of 2013.

Finally, at no. 1 – after much deliberation and soul-searching, myafterhours favourite read of 2013 is After Hours by Cara McKenna. An author that I’ve come to admire greatly this year, Cara has written a book with a lot of heart, intelligence and one smokin’ hot alpha who goes by the name of Kelly Robacs. The book has humour, depth – it’s set in an asylum for goodness sakes! I loved and enjoyed every.single.word. Our review is here.

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