Blog Tour: The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

We’re very happy to be today’s stop on the Redhead Plays Her Hand blog tour. *Fanfares please.* I know everyone who is an Alice Clayton fan has been waiting not so patiently for the final chapter in the Redhead series. Well, fear not! The wait is over…


Book: The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Series: The Redhead Series #3

Author: Alice Clayton

Reviewer: Onnica

Basic story: Grace is about to take the television world by storm. Busy rehearsing for the pilot of ‘Mabel’s Unstable?’, the TV version of the successful stage show she worked on in New York, the world is soon to be Grace’s oyster. The only fly in the ointment? The Director and her manager/bff have suggested that she lose 15 pounds for her TV debut. Determined not to make an fuss in the face of her big break, Grace complies, upping her workout regimen and curtailing her candy habit. It’s only fifteen pounds right?

Meanwhile, Grace and Jack are going as strong as ever and he is about to embark on a new film. Practically inseparable, yet never admitting their relationship to the press, the pair are as in love as ever. So what if Jack had been hitting the party circuit a little harder than before. Grace puts it down to being 24, the toast of the town and the need to blow off a little steam.

When the weight loss plan goes a little awry, Grace decides not to stay quiet about her struggles any longer. As a mere size 8, she’s hardly a poster girl for plus size, but being linked to Jack Hamilton is a double-edged sword. The press and some of Jack’s online fans aren’t being very complimentary about her and so she decides to fight back. If only things were that simple when it came to handling Jack. He’s becoming increasingly surly with his manager and whenever she suggests that he party a little less, he goes postal. Is this just a phase, or has Grace lost her Sweet Nuts for good?

Why you should read this: I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting ages to see what would happen to Grace and Jack – would they weather the storm and be together forever? Can love conquer all? Of course it can. Alice Clayton has put a lot of heart into the characters of Jack and Grace – their story had me wanting more from The Unidentified Redhead. The level of angst in book two took me by surprise, but I feel that book three has ironed out a lot of issues and we got to see very different sides to all of the characters we thought we knew in depth already. This book is sexy, has a serious side and makes you think twice about reaching for the tabloids at the checkout on your next shopping trip.

What you might hate: This book is all about Jack’s wobble. In The Redhead Revealed, Grace had a massive wobble which led to a lot of angst and in this final book, it’s Jack’s turn. For me, he acted like a huge jerk for a significant portion of the book – completely out of character up until now and he behaved like any 24 year old, with a lot a fame would probably behave. It’s realistic, but don’t expect to love him for it. In fact, he really got on my nerves if I’m honest. At times, the couple were too scared to confront their issues and instead, just had sex as that part of their relationship never failed. The usual humour that Alice Clayton uses in earlier books was missing from this one too – I get that the honeymoon period was over for Grace and Jack, but this book felt a lot more serious than before. You’ll have to make the call whether you prefer bright and breezy or angst-ridden drama.

Rating3.5/5 – A satisfying ending to the saga that is Grace and Jack. I liked it – I liked completing their journey. I didn’t love it for the reasons I mentioned above, but I’m glad that I read it. It’s actually a very interesting commentary on how celebrities are treated by the press and how crazy their lives can get.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand is out now!

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