Ruined by Tracy Wolff

RuinedBook: Ruined (An Ethan Frost Novel) Loveswept

Author: Tracy Wolff

Release date: January 7 2014

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Chloe Girard is ecstatic to have secured a summer internship at the prestigious Frost Industries – a company so impressive, it could rival Google. It’s unpaid, but thanks to a generous friend she doesn’t have to worry about rent. Keen to get on and make it as an intellectual property lawyer, she’s not about to mess up this opportunity. She’s determined to remain independent, away from her family’s grasp and finally be free. Her first day passes well enough – until she meets an obnoxious smoothie-maker in the lunch room. He’s totally arrogant and is sure that he knows what she’d like. They verbally spar and she makes a quick exit. Little does Chloe know that she’s just met the big boss Ethan Frost – what the hell was he doing posing as a smoothie maker? The man is infuriating!

On their second meeting, Chloe is struck by Ethan’s down to earth nature, his obvious interest in her and his ease with his employees. The attention he gives her does not go unnoticed and before long, Chloe resents the position Ethan’s actions have put her in. Her fellow interns and her boss are set to make life difficult for her. To cap it all, Chloe has to fight her own nature in order to maintain the employee/employer relationship and keep her distance. Her past traumas and vulnerability are never far from the surface and giving herself to Ethan is not something she can do if she’s to keep the demons buried…

Why you should read this: Ok – before you start in on ‘why are you choosing another Fifty Shades knock off?’ – calm down. Yes Ethan is rich – but he’s a millionaire, not a billionaire, so there, he’s practically a pauper! He’s also extremely fun, fairly uncomplicated and so far, not a neanderthal. The dialogue between he and Chloe made me smile and it was very well written. There’s no repetition between their interactions and the action moves on at a steady pace. It’s very sexy and considering this book is set over a period of 2 weeks and very intense.

What you might hate: Had it with broken heroines? Stop reading now. Chloe’s got more issues than my last subscription to Psychologies magazine. Girlfriend has a past that she keeps alluding to but won’t reveal to anyone. I kind of guessed what was up pretty early on, but there were surprises along the way. I guessed the cliffy at the end too – but I was happy to go with it. There is drama aplenty, but at no point did I want to stop reading, as the author took great pains to create a different setting and create a different dynamic between the hero and heroine than the usual alpha, submissive tale. I would have preferred that this story be set over a longer time period – 14 days to fall in love and have this level of drama felt a little fast in my opinion – but that’s just my opinion.

Rating: 3/5 I enjoyed this story – yes a lot of it follows a pattern – a rich alpha trying to woo a younger broken female, but believe me when I say that this is one of the better renditions of a somewhat tired tune.

Ruined is out Jan 7th.

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