Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe

wildchildBook: Wild Child

Author: Molly O’Keefe

Series: Boys Of Bishop #1

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Monica Appleby has been there and done it all. She’s a veteran even though she’s not yet out of her twenties. She’s returned to Bishop Arkansas in order to write a book about her childhood, and in particular, the night her mother shot her father dead. Returning home to the scene of her unhappy childhood is more difficult than she thought it would be, but with her editor breathing down her neck for chapters, she needs to speak to people in town that remember what happened that night.

Jackson Davies is the young mayor of the town and hates his job and the weight of his responsibility. He’s been looking after his teenage sister since she was little and their parents died. Unable to communicate with the sullen teen, he throws himself into saving the town’s dwindling resources. The town is nearing bankruptcy, so when he enters a competition to convince a factory owner to move his operations to Bishop, he’s dedicated to seeing it through and bringing life back to the place. Nothing is going to stand in the way of securing the town’s future, as it’s his way out of the place. Former ‘wild child’ Monica Appleby will not derail his plans to present Bishop as a town with potential. Even if she has a body for sin and her purple-eyed stare calls to him – so what. She spells trouble and her past baggage has the potential to jeopardise his PR campaign.

Why you should read this: I think I fell in love with the town first, then the characters. I could imagine how Bishop looked and smelled so vividly. The characters were real – no exaggerations, no stereotypes. I loved them all. The heat between Jackson and Monica was palpable – their similarities and their cluelessness was so endearing. You’ll really root for them both. There were interesting insights into other characters in the town too – so I’m guessing that we’ll find out more about them in the future. I hope that Shelby gets her own happy ever after.

What you might hate: I honestly don’t see what you would hate about this story. The author didn’t wrap all areas up with a satin bow, and I for one was relieved as there are a lot of deeply hidden grief and heartbreak, which would take a lot of time to resolve. It was a hopeful, realistic read that warmed my heart.

Rating: Easy. 4/5 for an impressive, heartwarming and sexy tale about lost souls finding each other, forgiveness and moving on are also important themes, well thought out. I would love to read more about the inhabitants of Bishop, Arkansas.

Wild Child is out now.

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