Unbound by Cara McKenna

UnboundBook: Unbound (Intermix)

Author: Cara McKenna

Format: Kindle book

Basic Story: Merry has been going through some changes lately. She’s lost around 100 pounds, lost some friends along the way who preferred her jolly and fat and her mother has passed away. In an effort to re-evaluate her life, she decides to back pack her way through Scotland, where her mother grew up, and find herself. She manages to make it two-thirds across the terrain before she gets sick. Alone and worried that it’s serious, she makes her way to the solitary cottage up the hill. Its tenant has no option but to take her in.

Rob has lived in solitude for the past two years and likes it that way. His only companion is a little dog he never thought to name. He usually ignores the tourists that pass by his door, but when Merry shows up, with possible concussion and maybe an infection, he can’t very well turn her away. He’s eager to patch her up and send her on her way but it soon becomes clear she’s in no fit state to go anywhere. Looks like the hermit will have to dust off those long-forgotten manners and be sociable for once. Merry is instantly attracted to the surly and curt Rob. He’s closed off but she can tell there’s a kind person underneath it all. It’s just a case of drawing him out. Nothing can prepare her for what she’ll find, but she’s willing to risk it all to see who Rob truly is.

Why you should read this: Cara McKenna writes some of the smartest erotic romance out there at the moment. It’s always fresh, exciting and surprising. I wasn’t expecting what I read and was hooked from the first paragraph. Merry was sweet, open-minded and a really likeable heroine. Rob is a complete mess, with many many problems but he’s also vulnerable and has so many layers. I loved this pair so much. The way their relationship built up over the course of the week Merry stays with Rob is paced really well. They don’t jump into anything, they spend time talking and feeling out the other. The dialogue and the silences between them spoke volumes and that’s why it was such an outstanding read.

What you might hate: If you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy read then this book is not that at all! It gets real and it gets dark – Rob’s in pain from the past and as the story unravels, you see just how bad things have got. I personally don’t see what there is to hate about this book as I loved the story, the writing and the sex scenes were off the charts hot!

Rating: 4/5 for this very modern, very real story. I had it on pre-order forever – it was so worth the wait. I want to see more books like this with the women in charge and not some ingenue who gets used by the dominant male!

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