Giveaway: Romance Grab Bag featuring ‘The Dining Club’ by Marina Anderson

Forever Romance’s first serial novel, THE DINING CLUB by bestselling author Marina Anderson, is now available and the lovely ladies at Forever Romance are having a bumper giveaway, where 3 lucky winners will receive print copies of the following books:

THE DINING CLUB by Marina Anderson

HAVEN OF OBEDIENCE by Marina Anderson


THIS MAN by Jodi Ellen Malpas


ALL HE WANTS by C.C. Gibbs

The Giveaway will run from October 23rd until October 30th and is open to US and Canadian residents – over 18s only please. You can enter here.


The Dining Club is a serialised read and it is guaranteed to heat up these cold winter nights. Here’s an excerpt:


 ‘Grace, most people keep parts of themselves hidden from the rest of the world. Haven’t you any deep, dark secrets or feelings that you never vocalise?’

‘No, I haven’t. Tell me about this weekend before I get up and walk out of here,’ she retorted, her anxiety rising with every word he spoke.

 His fingers stopped moving against the nape of her neck.

‘This Club isn’t really a dining club. It’s a Club for people with specialised sexual needs and desires. They come here so that they can enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that they’re surrounded by like-minded people.’

Grace frowned. ‘Why do they need a dining room for that? There are plenty of clubs in

London that cater for all kinds of sexual tastes.’

 ‘True, but sometimes people need a place to bring someone they’re involved with who doesn’t know some of their, shall we say, more unusual sexual needs. This is a safe place for them to find out if that person can ever be happy sharing their world, or if the

relationship is doomed to failure because they can’t.’

Remembering the way her lover’s teeth had closed over her soft inner thighs, causing her moments of genuine pain, Grace began to understand what he meant. ‘Can you explain more about the dining room?’

‘There are four tables, five if you count the top table, but you don’t need to get involved with that. Each table is numbered from one to five. As you noticed, every table seats three people. This is because at every table there are two people like you and me, who are he

re to discover whether they are well suited sexually or not, and either another Club member or one of the staff. Needless to say, all of the staff here have a very wide range of sexual skills.

‘Tonight you and I will sit at table one. If the evening goes well, and you want to come back next month, we’ll sit at table two.’

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2 thoughts on “Giveaway: Romance Grab Bag featuring ‘The Dining Club’ by Marina Anderson

  1. I think erotic romance is fun to read because it gives you an outlook on relationships that you might not have encountered in your own life.

    1. You’re right Tammy – and despite all the angst and ups and downs, it’s all usually ok in the end. 🙂

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