Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

Book: Come Together

Series: The Cityscape Series

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Format: uncorrected ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Olivia has finally taken the plunge and delivered the earth shattering news to her husband Bill that she’s leaving him for David Dylan. Bill understandably bounces between anger and then the desire to work on their problems, even submitting to counselling if she’ll stay. Olivia leaves the home and seeks refuge and support with her best friend Gretchen. However, not all of her friends can support her decision to leave her marriage. Lifelong friends Lucy and Andrew are firmly in camp Bill and her difficult relationship with her mother is tried further. Olivia is convinced she’s made the right decision; no-one has ever made her feel as alive as David and he feels the same way about her. Doesn’t he?

Bill, her mother and Lucy all have the same warning: David likes a challenge and will dump her as soon as he gets bored. Then she’ll be left alone. Confused and overwhelmed, Olivia is unsure of whom she should believe. Has David been completely honest with her about his feelings and will their love stand up to public pressure and the demons of her past?

Why you should read this: If you read and enjoyed both Come Undone and Come Alive then how can you not want to read the conclusion to this epic love story? In this book we really see the inner workings of Olivia’s mind. Before, she’s kept everything internalised and contained in a neat package. Now she’s let an all-consuming love in, all hell breaks loose! Olivia’s past and her insecurities really rise to the surface and she questions her decisions throughout the story. We also get a clearer picture of David Dylan the lover. So close to getting what he wants, we really see his full character, the good and the bad. I enjoyed the development of all the characters – there was realism to it – Olivia and David have to face the consequences of their extra-marital relationship and the fallout is messy. Friends will pick sides and it may not be theirs.

What you might hate: Ok – as I said, you get deeper into the characters’ psyches. David has hitherto been a strong, silent and brooding type. Now Olivia has given up everything for him, his dominant and controlling tendencies make themselves felt. I can deal with protective – who doesn’t want to be protected? But at times he clearly has anger issues that need to be addressed. Thumping walls and scaring Olivia because he doesn’t want her to be alone with her husband due to his instability is kind of skewed logic! The couple have a difficult path to finding peace and you’ll go through the ups and downs with them. At times I became a little exasperated with Olivia’s lack of faith in David’s commitment to their relationship and thought she should just say something instead of having David drag it out of her. This isn’t a criticism – it annoyed me as it’s behaviour that I recognise and dislike in myself!

Rating: 3.5/5 – I’ve loved this series so much since picking up book one serendipitously in January. I have lived through Olivia and David’s first meeting to their final HEA. (I don’t think that’s a spoiler, is it?) It was a crazy, angst-ridden and emotional journey and I thank Jessica Hawkins for bringing us such passionate characters.

Come Together is out now.

2 thoughts on “Come Together by Jessica Hawkins

  1. Great review! But you didn’t mention the most important part: your name. LOL.

    This is maybe the best summary I’ve read in a review yet. You have a knack for this. I know that keeping out spoilers is hard, but you did it wonderfully. Thanks again for all your support – Onnica & ILRF – I can always count on you for a truthful, in-depth review. Hope we will be meeting here again one day.

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