After the Kiss by Lauren Layne

After the KissBook: After The Kiss

Author: Lauren Layne

Series: Sex, Love and Stiletto #1

Format: ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Julie Greene loves her job at Stiletto magazine. She has a great reputation as a romance guru – men want to get with her and women want to be her. She writes about the magic of the first kiss, the first date and the initial stages of love. What comes after that is not her concern. She’s never been in a serious relationship, nor is she about to start now.

Unfortunately, her boss has other ideas. She needs Julie to write a personal piece on taking a relationship to the next level – easy right? Not for Julie, she has no personal experience to draw on. Her boss doesn’t care how she goes about but she either does it or the piece goes to her arch-nemesis and colleague Kelli.

Mitchell Forbes is a bachelor wanting to settle down – every female he meets is judged on how suitable a wife she’d be and whether he could raise a family with her. His dull and structured life is familiar but unsatisfying. At a charity event, a friend suggests he takes some time out from the search and just enjoys a no-strings attached fling. The perfect candidate is in front of him – Julie. Game on…

Julie thinks Mitchell may be the perfect mark for her article. Get with a stuffy suit and make him fall for her – do the relationship thing for a while, then walk away. Simple. Or not…

Why you should read this: I loved this story – the characters were so much fun and really polar opposites in every way. Not realising that life is about more than playing it safe, the pair are both in trouble in different ways. Mitchell is buttoned up (think Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones) but underneath it all, there’s a very passionate and exciting side just waiting to be revealed. Julie is a fun character – she had a vulnerable side that made my eyes tear up a bit. Lauren Layne has a storytelling style that flows and she makes it look really easy.

What you might hate: it’s quite a quick read and I devoured it in a few hours. That’s not a bad thing but I really enjoyed the story that I was a bit sad to see it end…

Rating: For the sheer fun and sentimentality of it, I give it 4/5 – I’ll definitely look forward to reading more from Ms Layne.

After the Kiss is out now.

4 thoughts on “After the Kiss by Lauren Layne

  1. I too wished it was longer. Loved Mitchell and Julie, they had me laughing a lot. This read like one of my favorite kind of movies.

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