Unscrupulous by Avery Aster

Unscrupulous CoverBook: Unscrupulous

Series: Book #2 The Manhattanites series

Author: Avery Aster

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Taddy Brill, independent twenty-something businesswoman is mistress of all she purveys and is busy leading her fabulous life in Manhattan. No time to meet a man she buries herself in work and her friendships – her chosen family, since she legally emancipated herself at the age of sixteen. Needing a little r’n’r at Christmastime, she and her equally fabulous friends descend to St. Barth’s, a Caribbean paradise.

Warner Truman is tired of fending off the attentions of gold-diggers and career girlfriends. He wants a woman with her own career, her own money and her own life. Having lost his first wife to cancer, he’s keen to make a meaningful connection again. When he meets Taddy, he’s convinced it could be her…

Why you should read this: As a kid I used to love reading my mum’s copies of Judith Krantz and Shirley Conran. This series reminds me a lot of Jackie Collins’ style of plot lines, intrigue and drama. The bitches are super-bitches and the heroine has a good heart underneath the tough exterior.

What you might hate: I really struggled to connect with the first half of this book, I’ll be honest. The characters felt two-dimensional and the humour seemed to be more important than the overall plot. This frustrated me – I didn’t want to read about a heroine who would stroke herself in public – there’s no need for it! Also, calling your potential other half Big Daddy? Sorry, I know there were Daddy issues, but it was a turn off for me. However, once the hero and heroine met and got to know each other, the dialogue became more natural and once Taddy’s character and vulnerability was allowed to develop, it became a decent read. I even teared up a little during one of their scenes together – it really was quite a sad scene. Warner is a refreshing hero – he’s reliable, faithful and sexy as all get out. I liked him throughout the book and the way he saw through Taddy’s tough veneer was hot.

Rating: Difficult – I struggled with the first half of the book which I’d give 2.5. The second half really picked up and I was left with an affection for the main characters. So I’m going to give it 3/5 overall.

Unscrupulous is out today.

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