Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

Slow Summer BurnBook: Slow Summer Burn

Author: Elisabeth Barrett

Series: Star Harbor #4

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Val Grayson, eldest of the Grayson clan and all-round good-guy, has spent most of his adult life getting things done. Keeping his brothers out of trouble following the deaths of their parents, seeing them through school and working hard meant that there there was very little time for anything other than work. At thirty-five, Val sees all of his brothers settling down and he realises his life is empty. No significant other to come home to, all he has to focus on is his work. Trying to solve the case of who is behind the drugs being imported to the Harbor is consuming most of his time, but when he meets Cameron Stahl, he knows everything is about to change.

Cameron Stahl is a Boston socialite and local businesswoman. She works hard, much to the chagrin of her mother, who wants her to be a society wife, busy with charity work and social functions like her. Cameron once accepted that life, but as she spends more time away from Boston, away from her controlling parents, the more free she becomes. Meeting Val at a social event, she immediately feels drawn to him. He’s not her social equal but she doesn’t care. She wants to escape the confines of the middle-class prison she was groomed for and discover who she is without the trappings of wealth and privilege. Her family is sure to disapprove, but for once Cameron is determined to take the plunge and put her happiness first. Val’s the man for her and she has no intention of letting him go. When a close friend of Cameron’s family are implicated in a case Val is working on, Cameron begins to question Val’s motives for getting close to her – surely he can’t have been using her. Knowing what they have is real, she is determined to prove her love for him, even if that means putting herself in the firing line.

Why you should read this: If you’ve been following the Star Harbor series and followed the Grayson brothers’ ups and downs, then you’ll absolutely adore the end to the series and enjoy getting to know Cameron and Val. Cameron is by far the best of the heroines so far – she’s sweet, unsure of herself but truly likeable. Her journey to find out who she is was an interesting one and I really enjoyed the chemistry between her and Val.

What you might hate: It’s the end of the road for the Star Harbor series! – there’s drama aplenty happening in the Cape, with plots and intrigue. I really enjoyed the mystery subplot and it gave the book depth – it wasn’t just a sexy read – it concluded the series nicely.

Rating: 4/5 for a fun, exciting and sexy read. Val is a sensitive and attractive hero – I enjoyed him finally finding happiness.

Slow Summer Burn is out 12 August.

2 thoughts on “Slow Summer Burn by Elisabeth Barrett

    1. Hi – you could probably read it as a stand alone but there is a plot that runs through all of the books so I’d start from the beginning personally.

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