Claimed by Stacey Kennedy

ClaimedBook: Claimed

Author: Stacey Kennedy

Series: Club Sin #1

Format: Netgalley ARC

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Presley Flynn is curious about an alternative lifestyle. When her roommate and friend Cora invites her to Club Sin, she’s nervous yet excited by the prospect of making her fantasies into a reality. When she meets the leader of the club Dmiti Pratt, she’s keen that he be the one to train her in how to be the perfect submissive.

Dmitri is at first amused by the innocent Presley and wonders what brought her to his door. She can barely talk about sex let alone become an exhibitionist in front of others. Simple curiosity converts to genuine affection for her and he’s determined to make her the perfect sub. His sub.

Presley enters a world that is completely different to her own. She finds acceptance for the things she wants in life and starts to build up her self-esteem. Dmitri is a strict yet considerate dom and she wanders whether they could ever be more…

Why you should read this: If you like the whole bdsm vibe but like it mainstream, then you will probably enjoy this book. It’s fun, it’s very smutty and there’s a story there too. Dmitri is a good guy with very particular tastes. He’s successful, strong, fair-minded with a heart. He doesn’t appear to be damaged or messed up in the head, which is a relief! Presley is a good girl who finds she needs to be dominated in order to feel fulfilled. Together they try to see whether they can take things further.

What you might hate: I expected there to be more of a story there. I don’t know, some of the interactions between Presley and Dmitri were a little cliché and at times I did skim over passages to get to the ‘plot’. There was no hook but it was a tale about a girl being trained in the art of being the perfect sub. Don’t expect too much and it’s an enjoyable read.

Rating: 2.5/5 for a pleasantly hot and steamy read set in an alternative lifestyle. I know I complain about too much drama but there wasn’t enough in my opinion. Just plenty of kink.

Claimed is out on 5 August.

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