Lick by Kylie Scott

LickBook: Lick

Series: Stage Dive #1

Author: Kylie Scott

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: When Evelyn Thomas turned twenty-one, she was determined to let her hair down for a change. Little did she realise how far-reaching the consequences of too much tequila would be. The day after she wakes up in a hotel room, sick as a dog, wearing a ring on her finger the size of the Hope Diamond with a strange man holding her hair back while she’s sick. There’s also the case of the strange tattoo on her posterior with an even stranger name – who the hell is David?

Not remembering anything about the night before and clearly not recognising her new husband, Evelyn is panicked and quick to point out that it has all been a huge mistake. David – hurt and angry agrees to take of it and will have his people arrange an annulment. Ev flees the scene with her best friend and resolves to pretend like it never happened. That is until the paparazzi descend on her at the airport asking whether the rumours about having married Dave Ferris, guitarist with the band Stage Dive, were true. Suddenly it all becomes clear to Ev that she won’t be able to pretend this situation away. And then there’s the small matter of dealing with her parents! Chaos ensues and Ev and David decide that it’s best she stay with him until their situation is resolved, away from the prying eyes of the media. Evelyn is sure that an annulment and putting things back the way they were before she met the charismatic guitarist would be the best option. She has a life to live and LA is not her thing. However, as she spends more time with her husband, the idea of separation is no longer such a viable one…

Why you should read this: Like stories about rock stars? Tattooed rock stars? Like believable and likeable characters? Then this book is a no-brainer. The story is fun, touching, humorous and sexy as all get out. Seriously – it will make your toes curl (in a good way). Dave Ferris is hot, sexy and demanding – but not in an over the top alpha way. He’s sensitive and attentive and all you could possibly want in a hero. Evelyn is sweet, mature and her internal monologue is very entertaining. I loved her.

What you might hate: not much to hate about this book – you know I’m a tough critic and if an author adds in complications to the plot just to create drama then I’ll be honest about it and criticise – but this wasn’t the case here. There are misunderstandings aplenty, but they don’t create huge scenes with the hero and heroine fighting back and forth endlessly. Maybe you like your reads with slightly less graphic smut…for me it wasn’t a problem – but look, he’s a rock star, it’s what they do! (I’ve heard…)

Rating: 4/5 for me – a hugely enjoyable, hugely sexy read. I’m also really happy that David and Evelyn’s story was wrapped up in a single book rather than dragged out in a sequel. My prediction is that subsequent books will concentrate on other members of the band. I will certainly be reading more.

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