The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

The Story GuyBook: The Story Guy

Author: Mary Ann Rivers

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Carrie West is a librarian – single and happy with life. Well, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it. Hobbies include socialising and browsing the classified ads for fun. Never taking the ads seriously, she likes to imagine the people behind the profiles. One day she sees an ad that grabs her attention. He wants to meet on wednesdays, kissing only. For some reason Carrie can’t get the guy out of her head, but surely contacting a random stranger for a make out session would be crazy, right?

Deciding to take the plunge, (after all he seems nice from his profile pic) Carrie meets Brian, an attorney, who is keen to give no personal details away. Can she be satisfied with a very narrow relationship that consists of weekly appointments, but no emotional intimacy? Despite the rules, Carrie determines to draw Brian out and find out the reasons behind his self-imposed restrictions. She finds out more than she bargained for – Brian could be the one for her, but how will she convince him?

Why you should read this: this novella is so sweet, funny and intelligent. The characters are well drawn considering it’s a novella and I read it so quickly in order to find out what Brian’s deal was. The novella should receive an award for its descriptions of a kiss – it was so HOT! The development of their relationship had me pulling for them and I guarantee you will too. Brian is lovely. He’s not your typical hero – he’s a glasses-wearing, bike-riding attorney, which is why he’s just so damn sexy. The telephone scene is a must-read – that’s all I’m saying!

What you might hate: it’s a novella and I know they’re not for everyone, but this story will give you a rosy glow all over – it’s worth a look.

Rating: 5/5 for me – a perfect, short and snappy read with loveable characters and a lot of heart. It’s intelligent and has some great dialogue. Get your copy now.

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