Inevitable by Angela Graham

InevitableBook: Inevitable

Series: Harmony #1

Author: Angela Graham

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Cassandra Clarke has been single for a year following a very upsetting and humiliating breakup with the love of her life. After finding her boyfriend with the town tramp, she walked out and never looked back. Now one year on, she’s found her feet and is about to begin her career in teaching. Living in small town Harmony, Cassie lives in an isolated but idyllic part of the town. However, when the old estate near her sells, things get interesting. The new buyer arrives in town like a hurricane – moving trucks nearly knock Cassie off her feet, but it’s only when she catches a glimpse of the owner does her heart nearly stop.

Logan West is new to town, although he was born in Harmony and it’s immediately clear to Cassandra that he is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. He’s far too good looking, charming and makes no secret that he’s checking her out. Also he has a reputation – his sister makes that clear by warning her off him. Logan needs to settle in town and concentrate on raising his son. Cassandra has no intention of starting anything with her next door neighbour, but when she finds his little boy in her tree house and likes him a lot, keeping a safe distance from Logan will prove difficult.

Logan is a playboy – the ladies love him and he has no problem accepting the attention. He’s a devoted single father with no time for relationships especially after how things ended with his son’s mother. Meeting Cassie cannot prepare him for what lies ahead – the possibility of more. But can he offer her more than a casual hook up? Can two people so clearly attracted to one another be just good friends?

Why you should read this: this story took me by surprise – the characters are well-drawn, I have a clear picture of Harmony and its inhabitants and the heroine was so likeable. That’s a really important factor for me at the moment. She’s slightly insecure at times (as we all are) but not to the extent that she’s whiny or a complete pushover. I could really get behind her and enjoy the journey. Logan is a womaniser but likeable and it soon becomes clear that there’s more to him than meets the eye. I really enjoyed the slow burning chemistry between them. The pace was just right. No insta-love here! Their friendship felt real as it was allowed to develop over time and Logan’s little boy Oliver was great too. There was no syrupy sweetness there thankfully.

What you might hate: Well, you’ll have to wait until October 2013 to find out what happened next – the ending was very dramatic and I loved the high drama. Despite Logan’s development through the book, he does something monumentally stupid that may have you tearing your hair out – but I’m sure all will be well in the end!

Rating: I give this 4/5 – I was really impressed by the story and how it developed – I’m rooting for Cassandra and Logan. They’re not perfect, nor would I want them to be. Roll on October.

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