Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine

Taken by StormBook: Taken by Storm

Author: Kelli Maine

Series: Give & Take (Book 3)

Format: Paperback

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: MJ Rocha, son of Merrick Rocha, successful businessman, is in trouble. Under his grandfather Enzo’s influence and powerless to get away from him, life isn’t working out. He’s been kicked off his baseball team for fighting and his ex-girlfriend Maddie is back in town after an absence of a year and a half. When she took off she took his heart with her – or maybe it would be more accurate to say that she ripped it from his chest and decimated it. Convinced that he hates her, he’s still determined to get answers. Why did she break her promise to him? Why did she leave without any explanation? Why did the one person in the world he could trust abandon him? Not only facing matters of the heart, MJ has more issues to deal with – his father Merrick has only just found out that he exists. At first it seems as though he’ll be rejected once again, but a trip to his father’s island on Turtle Tear opens the way to the family life he always dreamed of, if only he can be brave enough to embrace it.

Maddie Simcoe has a lot on her mind. Determined that she would never return to Enzo Rocha’s home, she has no choice. She needs to see her father who works for the old man. She also has to decide whether to accept her new boyfriend’s proposal. She isn’t prepared for being around her ex-boyfriend MJ again. Unable to tell him why she had to leave him behind, she is resolved to let him hate her and move on with her life without him. However, MJ is not going to make moving on easy for her – he won’t back down and demands answers. He’s not giving up this time.

Why you should read this: This continues the Give and Take series and if you read Taken and No Takebacks, you’ll want to find out what’s in store for Rachael, Merrick, MJ and Maddie. Kelli Maine created a compelling story featuring Rachael and Merrick and now she’s opening it up to include the rest of the family. It’s a saga in the making.

What you might hate: Clearly this story is different to Taken and No Takebacks because it’s not focusing on Rachael and Merrick. The storytelling is engaging but I felt a distinct lack of intensity that was present in the previous books. While I enjoyed getting to know MJ and Maddie, I wasn’t compelled by them.  When the big secret that was looming over the pair for three-quarters of the book was finally revealed, it was a complete anti-climax and then there were further plot complications thrown in that didn’t totally work for me. The drama just seemed to trickle away and if I’m honest I was a bit disappointed by this instalment. I view Taken by Storm as a vehicle to moving the story forward for the next book Given, but I wasn’t blown away.

Rating: 3/5 – for an engaging tale and introducing the reader to the growing Rocha clan, but lacking in the ingredients that made Taken so compelling and such an epic trip.

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