Come Alive by Jessica Hawkins

Book: Come Alive

Series: Cityscape #2

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Three months have passed since Olivia ran from David’s bed in a state of panic and guilt. Struggling to be the perfect wife and friend while coping with the death of her mother-figure Davena has sent Olivia spiralling into depression and everyone is worried about her. Unable to admit to anyone what is consuming her every thought, she remains closed off. Convinced she’ll never see David again, she buries herself in her work, avoiding her husband Bill, whom she cannot look in the eye without the guilt washing over her.

Determined to draw a line under what has happened and make her marriage work, Olivia is dumbfounded when she comes face to face with David at her friend’s wedding. What is he doing there? He’s accompanied Dani, her friend’s sister as a date. Unable to cope with her feelings of jealousy, she struggles to take the higher ground. This is how it’s supposed to be: her with Bill and David with someone who isn’t married. If she keeps telling herself that, she may end up believing it.

Instead of putting ghosts to rest, the meeting has the opposite effect. David is worried by Olivia’s appearance – she’s lost weight, is clearly unhappy and he wants to help. This time he doesn’t intend on letting her go. Olivia comes to the realisation that in order to be happy, she will have to make a life-altering decision; work on her marriage and give into the demands of her husband or take the chance on something more with David.

Why you should read this: If you read and were sucked in by Come Undone, then you’re seriously going to want to read this next instalment. Seriously, trilogies are notorious for the second book just being filler, where not a lot happens. This is NOT the case with Come Alive. We get to know Olivia, David and Bill in greater depth in this book and the lines between good and bad are so blurred you’ll find yourself rooting for the couple causing the pain. I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one go until I finished it. At some points in the book I thought Olivia was going to turn into one of those heroines who spend chapters and chapters repeating the same inner monologue about who to choose, but when she decides to be honest with everyone – it completely knocked me on my ass and I totally respected her!

What you might hate: Ok, so the story IS based on an adulterous relationship. But you knew this already – if that’s not your bag then this whole series may not be for you. However, the way the author has presented the characters is so real, so engaging and so powerful, that you’ll end up thinking, ‘I know this is wrong, but…’ You’ll ask yourself questions like, should you remain in a marriage because you vowed to, even if it isn’t working? I’m not absolving Olivia and David completely though. There are times when I wanted to shake the pair – they don’t always make the right decisions and at one point near the end of the book I really didn’t agree with what they did or the way they did it. (But then I reminded myself that it is fiction, so I unclenched!)

Rating: 4.5/5 I was blown away (and I never give half points!) as I thoroughly enjoyed the journey these characters are on. The writing is honest, non-judgmental and allows the reader to make up her own mind about what is right and wrong. I just want everyone to be happy in the end! I’m in serious danger of becoming a massive Jessica Hawkins fan-girl.

Come Alive is out on May 30th. For the chance to win a copy, click here.

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