Tangled by Emma Chase

Book: Tangled (ARC unedited copy)

Author: Emma Chase

Review by: Onnica 

Basic story: Drew Evans has it all – he’s young, handsome, wealthy and well-connected; a big splash in the world of investment banking. He lives to work and loves to hook up with anonymous females on a regular basis, never sleeping with the same woman twice. No attachments and no looking back. EVER. A self-satisfied, smug alpha – he’s about to be taught a very valuable lesson.

On a night out, he meets a woman who will change his outlook on life forever. She gently rebuffs his advances as she’s engaged – not like he’d let a fiancé stand in his way! They part and he’s intrigued. Nobody ever says no to the mighty Drew Evans.

The following Monday at work presents new challenges. His father and boss wants him to mentor the new starter; a bright and successful new investment banker. His heart sinks. He hasn’t got time for this – until he’s introduced to Katherine Brooks, his new colleague; the woman from the bar. His attitude suddenly adjusts and he can’t wait to ‘mentor’ her.

Slowly, the pair are thrown together in more and more work situations. When Kate’s star (which is on the rise) threatens to eclipse Drew’s ambitions, he demonstrates just how competitive and ruthless he can be. Kate isn’t a woman to be messed with however, and she can be just as ruthless and single-minded. Let the games begin. (Think War of the Roses.)

Why you should read this: The story is told from Drew’s perspective – it’s very male and I for one think it’s refreshing to get the male point of view for a change. Every thought is delivered in lurid detail and certain parts of the book really made me laugh out loud by how the male mind works. The style of the book was interesting too – he tells the story as if it were a film and he’s watching the action back. The reader is there with him to witness it all. I think Emma did a great job of getting inside the head of an arrogant, d-bag male.

What you might hate: This book has been billed as the next Wallbanger – which is fine, except for the fact that it’s nothing like Wallbanger! Wallbanger was one of my favourite books of 2012, so perhaps my expectations were set way too high. The book is NOT subtle and pretty crass in places – which is entertaining but tends to grate after a while. I didn’t find Drew’s character sympathetic. AT ALL. I’d say he’s more of an anti-hero – don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad guy, he’s just immature, petulant and spiteful! Even the love of a good woman who is more than his equal couldn’t soften my feelings towards him. He’s a brat.

Rating: The writing was great. I think Emma really nailed the worst aspects of the male psyche. The book had a lot of humour, making it a light and enjoyable read.  It won’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, but it does show that even the worst womanisers are capable of redemption. For the writing, I give it 3/5. For the likeability of the characters – 2/5. Tangled is out on May 21st.

A note from the author: Anyone purchasing Tangled on 5/21, email your Amazon, Nook Kobo, or Chapters receipt to giveaways@emmachase.net to be entered to win a $25 Amazon, Omnific or B&N Gift card.

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