Coffee and Cockpits by Jade Hart

Coffee and CockpitsBook: Coffee and Cockpits

Author: Jade Hart

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Nina Poppins (don’t make fun of her name, she’s heard all the jokes before) is about to become a flight attendant. It’s all part of the plan – pass her exams, be a flight attendant for a while, then study for her Commercial Pilots licence. Simple.

She’s a woman on a mission – by day, she works hard in the aisles of aircrafts, by night she enjoys dancing with strangers in salsa clubs. She has no time in her schedule for complications – not even when they come complete with pilot uniform and in a devastatingly handsome package. Liam Mikin, a pilot, has been interested in Nina for a year. Unable to penetrate her professional veneer, he finds out all her can about her from mutual friends (and a little friendly stalking).

Nina has heard all the stories about him and does not want to become fodder for the gossip mill. Dating a colleague, let alone a pilot with a bad reputation, is not going to happen.

Then one day on a routine flight, when disaster is narrowly avoided, Nina and Liam are forced to confront all their misconceptions about each other and about life. Where has playing it safe got Nina in life? When faced with death, she realises that you need to live your life as you won’t get another chance. Determined to be more open, Nina embarks on a relationship with Liam that strips away all the facades and the game-playing. By being honest with each other, they find that they can move forward together. But challenges are never far away.

Why you should read this: I was very excited about the premise of the book – I find flight attendants fascinating (I really do) and thought this book would be a light-hearted romp in a glamorous world. I was wrong. This book took so many twists and turns it made my head swim. I won’t ruin the plot for you, but not everything is as it seems. Liam has a heart of gold and is sexy as hell and there’s even a bit of a love triangle early on in the book between him, Nina and a former friend called Nikolai. There’s so much packed in there!

What you might hate: I love the way Jade writes – her description of Liam and Nikolai (a rival for Nina’s affections) had me in hysterics. Something like them ‘waving their cocks in the air’ trying to get her attention. At times though, it did feel as though there were too many similes and metaphors – especially from Liam’s point of view. He was romantic sure, but dare I say, a little girly at times? The language at times was a little flowery for my tastes but it didn’t make me want to stop reading.

Rating: so difficult as the book kept changing. Pre-crash, 4/5, post-crash 3/5 due to the turns the storyline took. Vague much, Onnica? I know, but if I say more it will really ruin the plot for you! I enjoyed this book – it made me laugh and certainly kept my attention. I didn’t see the twist coming, although the signs were there. It’s definitely worth a read!

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