Claim Me by J Kenner

Claim MeBook: Claim Me

Author: J. Kenner

Series: Book Two, The Stark Trilogy

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Nikki and Damien continue their relationship, getting to know each other better and facing the fact that what binds them goes beyond their sexual attraction. As their deal comes to an end, (Nikki agreed to pose nude for a painting that Damien had commissioned, in return for $1,000,000 to start up her own business. On the condition that she spends the week under his command, playing by his rules) they both come to the realisation that they don’t want things to end.

As media interest in their relationship grows, Nikki is faced with the press intruding not only in their personal life, but also into her past on the pageant circuit. Nikki is afraid that she won’t be strong enough to deal with this new life, as the temptation to revert to self-harm is ever-present, so instead she is reliant on Damien and the control that he brings. It seems as though Damien has no shortage of enemies either, all wanting to bring the mighty tycoon to his knees. Nikki grows increasingly frustrated with Damien’s reluctance to talk about his past. He asks for her patience, he’s trying to let her in, but is afraid he’ll lose her altogether once she knows the secrets he’s hiding.The pair have a tough road ahead, but as they’re finally able to admit their feelings for each other (I’m talking ‘I love yous’) they decide that together they can face anything.

Why you should read this: If you enjoyed the first instalment, Release Me, then you’re going to want to know what’s next for Nikki and Damien. Damien is a great hero, as he isn’t a caveman and doesn’t show his temper very often, unlike some other alphas I could mention. He’s fairly reasonable actually, which is refreshing.

What you might hate: The pace of the book was a little erratic for me; I felt as though it took 20% of the book for the action to actually start, which meant that I couldn’t get into it for a while. The dialogue at times if I’m honest (and I always try to be) was a little sketchy. I could have done without all the ‘Oh Ms Fairchild’ and ‘Why, Mr Stark’ on such a regular basis, as it seems a little cliché now after Fifty Shades of Grey.

Rating: I give this book 3/5 as I did with Release Me. It’s not a perfect read, but I’m curious enough to see how these two will get their happily ever after. (Claim Me is out on April 23rd.)

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