Blaze of Winter by Elisabeth Barrett

Blaze of WinterBook: Blaze of Winter

Author: Elisabeth Barrett

Series: Star Harbor (Book # 2 A Loveswept novel)

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Story: Theo Grayson has writer’s block. For the life of him, he cannot seem to make his latest historical novel flow. With his editor keen to see his next work, Theo needs to find inspiration fast. Deciding that a break from San Francisco will help him find that inspiration, he resolves to spend the winter in his childhood home of Star Harbor, Massachussetts. Suddenly, being home with his family – three brothers and lots of friends, Theo begins to re-evaluate who he is and what he wants from life.

Avery Newbridge is facing a crisis. Her career as a social worker has come to an abrupt hiatus, leaving her unsure of her abilities and whether she is capable of helping others. She has come to Star Harbor temporarily in order to look after her aunt, who’s recovering from cancer. She’s not used to the small community and the fact that everybody knows everybody’s business, but she is sure that a change of scene will help her to plan what she’s going to do with her life. She doesn’t want any complications and so when Theo Grayson walks into her aunt’s inn looking for a place to stay, it’s clear he is nothing but trouble to her peace of mind. Theo has her in his sights and Avery must decide whether guarding her heart against pain is worth living a half-life of nothing special.

Why you should read this: A couple of weeks ago, I read book one in this series and I was struck by how vividly Cape Cod is depicted. The same is true of this book – I feel as though I know this community and these characters really well. Picking up the next book in the series is like catching up with an old friend. I thought that Sebastian Grayson was hot, but his twin brother Theo is off the charts! Glasses wearing, chiselled abs, tall, dark and sexy; what more could you ask for in a hero? He’s basically perfect and doesn’t put a foot wrong, despite his bad-boy reputation.

What you might hate: Avery, Avery, Avery. I could have smacked the woman on several occasions. I get that she’s trying to focus on her life and not get caught up in a complicated love story, but come on! She pushes him away constantly, when he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. He doesn’t lie; he doesn’t flirt with other women. From the moment they meet, he makes it fairly clear she’s all he wants, yet she’s too dense to accept it.

Rating: 4/5 Despite a very challenging heroine, I absolutely loved this book – I feel like I’m getting to know these characters much better and I can’t wait for Long Simmering Spring, which will be out in May 2013. How hot are these covers?!

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