Big Boy by Ruthie Knox

Book: Big Boy

Author: Ruthie Knox

Series: Strangers on a Train (different authors)

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Mandy is struggling under the weight of inherited-motherhood, a poorly-paid job and student loans. Her only respite is the fact that every fourth Thursday in the month, she meets up with HIM. Each time, he plays a different role from a different era and she plays right along with him. They meet in the museum among the vintage trains and there, they lose themselves in each other for a few hours. He’s an enigma to her and seems content to keep up the role-play without getting to know the real Mandy. No surnames and no personal details. No complications.

Mandy thinks this is what she wants at first, but the longer they know each other and the more intense their meetings get, the more dissatisfied she becomes with not knowing a thing about him. When they meet as themselves at a work function, Mandy is introduced to Tyler and she is disappointed when he doesn’t acknowledge her in any way. Mandy is forced to confront the situation and takes a risk for the possibility of more. Can what they have develop into a relationship, or is this the most Tyler can ever give her? Both are struggling with their own burdens and responsibilities and are just looking for an escape.

Why you should read this: For such a short story there is a lot of good story – you get a sense of each character and the way they interact with each other is very real. You’ll be drawn in from the first and you’ll be sad when you reach the end so quickly.

What you might hate: I hate when I read comments about novellas – “it was great, but it was too short!” Duh – it’s a novella! Having said that, I can sympathise, as I did want more – because it was great and I wasn’t ready to leave Mandy and Tyler.

Rating: 4/5 – Ms. Knox does it again. Yes we wuv her here at Romantic Fiction, we’re practically her stalkers cheerleaders, because she produces such great stories that leave you wanting more!

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