A Happy Accident by Evan Tyler

A Happy AccidentBook Title: A Happy Accident

Author: Evan Tyler

Review by: Onnica

Basic story: Kindle Hyrum meets Bobby Carter, aspiring musician from Ohio, when he and his band decide to make a name for themselves in Manchester, England. He is smitten from the first and sets about romancing her and convincing her that they are both destined for great things. Kindle is not so easily convinced – she’s been through disappointments before and life has been difficult. Life gets even more difficult when the pair decide to marry, due in part to the fact that both are too proud to back down first. The band is less than supportive and things get ugly.

During the nine months that Kindle and Bobby are together, things change at a heady pace. The band’s success is taking off, Kindle and Bobby find themselves expecting a child and Kindle’s nemesis Betty White has her sights set on Bobby.

Why you should read it: This book is beautifully written. (It’s based loosely on Steve Tyler’s life.) It evokes the time (early 80s) very well and having lived in Manchester for most of my adult life, I got a kick out of the story being set there. The book is heavily infused with music of the time, which set the action in context. This isn’t the sort of book we review usually on fiction – as it’s smut free, but the tender scenes between the couple are well-pitched.

What you might hate: Bobby Carter starts off very naïve and his naivety comes across as simpleness more often than not. He’s not equipped to fight for what he wants and at times is cowardly. Kindle is surly, lashes out at those trying to help her and she really is very spiteful at times. For this reason, she really tried my patience. The band members are a bit two-dimensional and really heartless – I couldn’t believe the way they behaved!

Rating: Difficult – as the writing was spot on – it had its own music about it. That would get 4/5. The story – I felt at times it floundered and would have appreciated the pace of the book to have moved at a steadier rhythm. This is part one in a three-part story and I’m not sure where it will go from here. Happy Accident should come with a warning – it is NOT a love story in the traditional sense. If you’re after a happy ending, you won’t find it here. It’s well worth a look however, for its attention to detail and for music lovers. So overall, I give the book 3/5.

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