Release Me by J. Kenner

Release meBook: Release Me

Series: (Book One, Stark Trilogy)

Author: J. Kenner

Basic Story: Nikki Fairchild is determined to make a name for herself in the world of technology and strike out on her own, free from the influence of her controlling mother. Unfortunately, before she’s able to do that, she needs to learn the business side of things before she can go it alone. That means working for an unscrupulous and sleazy boss, who has no qualms in parading her in front of potential investors in order to ‘seal the deal’.

So one night, when she’s drafted in to sweeten up potential investor – mercurial billionaire Damien Stark – and after Damien snubs her rather abruptly, she is determined to be independent and self-reliant at all costs. The encounter with the strange and impolite billionaire sets in motion a series of passionate encounters and before long, Nikki is wondering whether an intense relationship with such a man will help resolve her own troubled past, or will make her lose all sense of who she is.

Why you should read it: I like variety in my reading however, there’s something quite comforting about coming back to a familiar story every so often – the brooding billionaire harbouring dangerous secrets; the damaged, yet sassy heroine looking for a strong man to make it all better. Despite the many comparisons you can draw to FsoG or the Bared to You series, the author has done a good job of setting the story in a different setting. The heroine is set for success and isn’t whiny or a ball-breaker. She’s very likeable. Damien is hot, hot hot but likeable. Some books really do exaggerate the hero’s dominance, whereas Damien is quite at ease with himself and his kingdom.

What you might hate: While I like escapism and don’t mind reading about characters who aren’t in the slightest bit affected by the economic recession, if you’ve had it with the whole bdsm-lite, rich man’s private jet-hopping, can buy anyone and anything he wants, then this one is NOT for you. It follows a tried and true pattern – it’s part one of three books and I think we all know where they’re headed. I don’t mind this though. It’s like comfort food in book form for me.

Rating: 3/5 – for trying to put a slightly different spin on a very familiar, if somewhat overdone theme. I am looking forward to reading Book 2 – Claim Me, which is out in April and I’ll be reviewing it nearer its release. I love Damien Stark and as a couple, they are hot, hot hot.

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