Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox

Along Came TroubleBook: Along Came Trouble

Author: Ruthie Knox

Series: Camelot series #2

Review by: Onnica

Basic Story: Ellen Callahan has her hands full as a single mother, full-time lawyer and twin sister to über-famous singer Jamie Callahan. She’s busy keeping all the plates spinning and dealing with her alcoholic ex-husband, who’s slowly trying to worm his way back into her life. Her brother’s fame has brought unwanted attention to her door and paparazzi can be found on her lawn on a regular basis, due to the fact that her pregnant neighbour Carly has just split up with her brother.

In a bid to protect his sister and Carly’s privacy, Jamie hires the services of Caleb Clark. Security specialist an ex-military man, Caleb is sexy, self-assured and interested in Ellen. She’s clearly attracted to him but she’s more concerned about his plans for her property. Sure he’s handsome, has a body that won’t quit and looks at her as if she were dessert, but she’s not going to let any man boss her around and tell her what to do. So begins the battle of wits between Ellen and Caleb. Caleb’s determined to do his job but Ellen is not prepared to concede any ground. The pair open negotiations on the required security measures but also on becoming friends-with-benefits, but soon find that in matters of the heart, the lines soon become blurred.

Why you should read this: Caleb Clark is THE ideal hero. He fought for his country, he’ll fight for Ellen and he loves his family. He’s not a pushover; he’s sexy as hell and has a heart of gold. He gets things done and doesn’t take any prisoners. There are some really adorable scenes between the sparring pair (think Maddie and David from Moonlighting) and they really sizzle.

What you might hate: I liked Ellen. Then I hated Ellen. Then I really hated Ellen. Finally, I liked her again, despite wanting to slap her upside the head on more than one occasion. I love a strong heroine, but one who is so clueless about her own feelings, made me want to scream at times. It did create great tension however, and when the opportunity to redeem herself came up, she did not disappoint. So I guess I can forgive her for her stupidity and stubbornness.

Rating: 3/5 the women in this book and independent, which is great, but they are serious ball-breakers to the men that love them. It doesn’t seem to do them any harm in the end, but I defy you not to tear your hair out at key points of the book. This was a fun and sexy read.

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