Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

Come UndoneBook: Come Undone

Series: Cityscape Series

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Reviewed by: Onnica

Basic Story: Olivia Germaine has it all – blossoming career, loving husband and a great social life. The life she’s carved out for herself bears no resemblance to that of her turbulent childhood and that is how she wants it to remain.
A chance encounter with a handsome stranger one night turns her well-ordered life on its head in an instant. He is able to see through her perfect veneer as none of her friends or family can. David Dylan enters Olivia’s life suddenly through her demanding job and despite their mutual attraction, both parties are determined not to cross that line.
Despite David’s reputation as a philanderer, a series of circumstances throw them together more and more and soon Olivia has to decide whether the life she has is in fact the life she wants.

Why you should read this: I read this book by chance (a recommendation on Twitter) and I could not put it down. David Dylan is mysterious, determined but also caring, sensitive and very, very passionate. He doesn’t deserve his reputation and genuinely wants to do right by Olivia. Olivia is complex – and her story will draw you in. Why is she so closed off and will she ever be ready to confront her issues? Despite some sketchy behaviour on her part, I couldn’t hate her.

What you might hate: Judith my blog pal absolutely hates stories about cheaters (she’ll probably berate me mercilessly about my choice) and usually I’d have to agree, but this story raises an interesting question – what do you do if you’ve married the wrong person? Do you stick with it, or not? I think you’ll also sympathise with these characters to a certain extent – they’re not bad people.

Rating: 4/5 I think it’s a great debut from a new author and I’m really looking forward to the final book in this series, which comes out in spring 2013. I’m still thinking about David Dylan 24 hours later!

5 thoughts on “Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins

  1. Oooh….cheaters, huh? You know me well! As Rachel from Friends so recognizably said, “My mother was all, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.'” I stick by that and can’t really stomach cheating books. I might give this one a shot though because I do believe you can marry the wrong person and you can chance upon someone who fits you better than others. Great review!

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